11 Places In Karachi To Get Your Mehndi Done For Chand Raat This Year

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 11 Jun, 2018

Chand Raat means last-minute runs to the Mehndi wali for most women and why not? They deserve every bit of it. The whole logic behind this tradition is the centuries-old myth “the more you delay the henna application, the better and darker the end result would be on Eid day”.

So friends, why not indulge?

To save (read: all the men who take us out) some trouble, here are 11 places in Karachi where you can go on Chand Raat to get your Mehndi done:

1. Hasina’s Mehndi

Source: Hasina’s Mehndi Via Facebook

Located at Chandni Chowk near Liaquat National Hospital, Hasina’s Mehndi is known for her intricate mehndi designs. Call her now at 0346-2044499 to book your slots.

You can also reach out on their Facebook page.


2. Mehndi Wali

Source: Mehndi Wali Via Facebook

Are you planning to call a mehndi wali at your house for all your girlfriends? What are you waiting for then? Call at 0341 2348874.

You can also reach out on their Facebook page.

3. Henna by Hina

Source: Henna by Hina Via Facebook

If you are done drooling over the picture, visit her page for more details.

Their Facebook page is the easiest way to get in touch.


4. Mehndi Designs by Sobi

Source: Mehndi Designs by Sobi Via Facebook

Are you a kaali mehndi fan? If yes then Mehndi Designs by Sobi is your go-to place this Chand Raat.

Their Facebook page allows you to contact them for further details.


5. Mehendi Art by Umm-e-Hani

Source: Mehendi Art by Umm-e-Hani Via Facebook

Know someone who is getting married this Eid? If yes, you know Mehendi Art by Umm-e-Hani has our vote.

You can reach out to them on their Facebook page.


6. Rangoli by Emm Zee

Source: Rangoli by Emm Zee Via Facebook

Looking for organic henna options? Head over to Rangoli by  Emm Zee.

You can reach out to them on their Facebook page.


7. Hinaj

Source: Hinaj Via Facebook

If you are in need of both a good mehndi design and a last moment shopping spree then Hinaj is the place for you. This mehndi wali is not only a henna artist but also a dress designer. Visit their Facebook page for more details.


8. Henna by Taj

Source: Henna by Taj

This Mehndi designer takes you back to the Mughal Era with her very royal designs. Her breathtaking designs will give you the  Shehzaadi feels without a doubt this Eid.

You can reach out to them on their Facebook page.


9. Henna by Sharmeen

Source: Henna by Sharmeen Via Facebook

Henna by Sharmeen has designs to elevate your hands to an unprecedented level. Don’t believe us? Feel free to be mesmerized by her Facebook page.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/hennabysharmeen/

10. Mehendi Designs by Aish

Source: Mehendi Designs by Aish Via Facebook

If you live pul k uss paar and have trouble finding a good mehndi wali then behold because your search is over. Mehendi by Aish is just the place for you.

You can find out more about her work on her Facebook page.


11. Bliss Mehendi Art by BZ

Source: Bliss Mehendi Art by BZ Via Facebook

Less is always more and Bliss Mehendi Art by BZ knows best how to do it. Visit them and you won’t be disappointed.

Visit their Facebook page for more details.

So, who are you booking for Eid? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover photo source: Mehndi Wali Via Facebook/Hasina’s Mehendi Via Facebook

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