This Dulhan Got Her Puppy Drawn In Her Mehndi And It's Legit The Cutest Thing Ever

By Sajeer Shaikh | 6 Sep, 2017

Desi culture gives a lot of importance to shaadis. And in those shaadis, mehndi or henna is pretty important for the bride. Usually filled with intricate designs, the mehndi that decorates the dulhan’s palms is always worth noticing and praising.

We’ve even seen many trends emerge, like the whole “Love Story Henna” trend…

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…where brides essentially get their love story drawn in their mehndi.

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Well, this dulhan decided to do things a little more differently. This is Jasmine Sandhu, with her husband, Ricky Gill. And her puppy, Tobie. 

Source: Cloak Photography

Jasmine and Ricky recently got married near Los Angeles.

(Congratulations, guys!)

Source: Jasmine Sandhu

And Tobie was a huge part of the ceremony.

Source: Jasmine Sandhu

So you know how brides have the names of their grooms added to their mehndi? Jasmine decided to use the opportunity to highlight her immense love for Tobie. She explained how she had found him abandoned in a house that her aunt moved into. Ever since then, they’ve been pretty inseparable.

Therefore, here’s cute little Tobie snugly fitted into Jasmine’s mehndi design.

Source: @divyahenna/

Just. Ugh. So cute. And so perfect.

You can tell how psyched Tobie is to be a part of the ceremony in such a huge way.

Source: Jasmine Sandhu

Just look at that smile. 

My heart can’t take it.

Source: @divyahenna/

Let’s hope that like most shaadi trends, this catches on soon too. Because let’s face it, it’s downright adorable. Khair, congratulations to the couple and a huge shout out to Tobie for being such a cute little pupper.

What do you guys think of this? Let us know in the comments below.

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