13 Stunning Mehndi Designs To Give You Inspiration For The Next Shaadi You're Attending

By Kashaf | 25 Nov, 2017

These mehndi designs are on point


Us desi girls love our mehndi. Whether it’s your cousin’s shaadi or chand raat, there’s always a race to find the perfect design. From simple tikkis to elaborate and detailed bridal designs, here are some stunning mehndi designs to give you inspiration this winter season.


1. Intricate Bridal Mehndi

source: coolbluezphotography.com


2. White Henna

source: womentriangle.com


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3. Motif Designs

source: dramasvideo.site/


4. Vines and fine

source: nouw.com/hennabydivya / letsgetdressed.in


5. Tikki Designs

source: zuri.in


6. Subtle Checkered Design

source: @sarashenna / Instagram


7. Glitter mehndi

via pinterest


8. Gorgeous portrait designs that tell a story

source: @indan__wedding / Instagram /@deepas.mehendi/Instagram


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9. Mughlai Designs

source: apk-dl.com


10. Moroccan Design

source: @sarashenna / Instagram


11. Interweaved floral design

source: @hennabyjas / Instagram


12. Simple Alta Mehndi

source: srejonimagery.com


13. Unique Bail Designs

source: thechampatree.in


Which design is your favorite?


cover image via: @deepas.mehendi/Instagram / nouw.com/hennabydivya

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