11 Of The Best Breakfast Spots In Karachi For The Perfect Halwa Puri Ka Nashta

By Saad Zubair | 25 Nov, 2017

Whenever you’re in the mood for some old-fashioned nashta, halwa puri is the best meal to get your filling in the morning. This meal usually includes the piping hot yet cripsy puri used to scoop up the channay cholay laced with a topping of that decadently sweet halwa. What a perfect bite to start off your perfect lazy Sunday.

These are a mix of sit-down places and roadside joints for the best desi nashta in Karachi:



Tooso in the Bahadurabad and PECHS area of Karachi has been home to nashta lovers for over four decades. It’s halwa puri is decadent and quite filling. It has a sitting area for families and you can order it to your car as well. It’s perhaps the most popular eatery in the area and if you ever find yourself on this side of the bridge early morning, you owe yourself to go to Tooso’s.

via: Bahadurabad (Tooso) Halwa Puri/ Facebook

Master Juice

Master Juice in Defence Phase II is another popular place for halwa puri. While it’s famous for its juices, the breakfast here is excellent. It’s one of the best places to enjoy your favorite breakfast meal in the Defence area.

vis: Sheikh Hashir/ Facebook

Daily Dubai

Daily Dubai in Badar Commercial is a nice sit-down place to enjoy breakfast. It’s great for familes and even your significant other. Comfortable environment with your favorite halwa puri makes Daily Dubai worth trying.

via: Erum Omar/ Facebook

Cafe Kouso

Cafe Kouso is another popular sit-down place for breakfast. The halwa puri is a huge hit there and it’s a fine option for those that prefer dine-in to roadside joints.

via: Syed Ghufran Ahmed/ Facebook

Zauq Dolmen Mall

Dolmen Mall in Clifton is the largest shopping destination in the area. It’s home to branded stores, designer boutiques, and some great eateries. At Zauq, you can get your breakfast fix before you start your shopping spree. It’s quite a treat.

via: Zainab Qaiser Khan/ Facebook

Dhamtal Sweets, Bakers and Nimco

Dhamtal in Ayesha Manzil is another popular breakfast destination on the other side of the bridge. Its a sweets shop, and bakery that also serves halwa puri and it’s finger-lickin’ good!

via: Asim Naeem/ Facebook

Chatkharay- Khadda Market

While Chatkharay is known for its awesome chat, it’s home to amazing halwa puri  as well if you venture there for breakfast. Situated in Defence’s famous Khadda Market, it’s surrounded by electronic shops and other famous food joints such as Hot N Spicy and Red Apple. These two are famous for paratha rolls and you can read about these and many others here.

Akbar Yezdani/ Facebook

Dilpasand Teen Talwar

As you enter Clifton, you’ll see Dilpasand Sweets. It’s another sweets shop where the signature breakfast item is halwa puri. It may not be a bad idea to stop here before crossing the Teen Talwar (Three Swords) signal.

via: Dilpasand Teen Talwar/ Facebook

Dera Restaurant, Boat Basin

Clifton is home to the famous Boat Basin food strip and the Dera Restaurant is a quite popular destination for early morning breakfast. The strip is famous for various eateries for halwa puri but Dera is the one we prefer over the others.

via Asim Naeem/ Facebook

Desi Gali

Desi Gali  in Bukhari Commercial Area (Defense Phase 6) is known for its desi specialties from chaat, khow sueyand even halwa puri. You can enjoy it in the open air as well and that’s how we recommend you enjoy your favorite breakfast meal.

via: Desi Gali/ Facebook

Quetta Alamgir Hotel

Right next to Karachi’s famous barbecue spot Zameer Ansari in Bahadurabad lies the Quetta Alamgir Hotel. Situated on Alamgir Road, this place truly embodies the traditional chai dhaba experience and it’s become a hugely popular spot no matter what time of the day you go to. In the mornings, you can get your halwa puri  fix the way most of us Karachiites enjoy having it. Street nashta perhaps doesn’t get better than this.

via: Quetta Alamgir Hotel/ Facebook

There are many places in Karachi famous for halwa puri so we may have missed out a few of your favorites. Do give us your recommendations as well in the comments below. We are sure your mouth is watering after going through this list. We won’t be surprised you’ve decided to stop by these places before you head off to work or school or on a Sunday morning.


Cover image via: Bahadurabad (Tooso) Halwa Puri/ Facebook

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