These 11 Places In Karachi Serve The Best Paratha Rolls You'll Ever Eat

By Saad Zubair | 14 Nov, 2017

Chicken rolls, beef rolls, or any Kabab roll in Karachi has been the go-to snack for work, late night munchies or just eating on a budget. These rolls are delicious and have become famous in several roll joints all over the city of lights. Since the past few decades, several major roll joints have opened up and are now household names.

We give you the list of 11 such awesome places to get your rolls fix. Most rolls are served with raita and chatni for added taste:


A-One Snacks

A-One snacks has expanded outside its original home in Defence A Market. Now available in Bahadurabad and also in Defence Phase II extension, its one of the first popular roll joints that kickstarted the kabab roll craze in Karachi in the 90s. Chicken Chatni roll has been the favorite of mine since it first began over 20 years ago.

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Hot N Spicy

Hot N Spicy is perhaps the best in the croweded Khadda Market area of Defence. Its surrounded by Red Apple and Mirchi 360 but its been around for years and the quality has remained the same. If you like Red Apple’s variety then do give Hot N Spicy a try as well for a change. My favorites here are the Chicken Garlic Mayo Roll and Chicken Malai Boti Roll.

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Red Apple

Khadda market in Defense Phase 4 is famous for roll joints including this one. For delivery or dine-in, you can get the best kabab rolls any time of the day. There are now family sitting areas and the eatery has expanded to areas such as Bahadurabad so you don’t have to drive across the bridge for your favorite roll snack. You should try their special rolls such as the Pizza Roll if you’re bored of the regular variety.

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Royals Ice and Spice

Sindhi Muslim is home to some very popular fast food chains, fine dining establishments and even barbecue joints. Royals Ice and Spice serves delicious barbecue and continental food and is now a popular destination for rolls in the area. Chicken Chatni and Chicken Mayo Garlic are recommended when visiting Royals.

Source: Abdul Hameed



Eaton is available in the same vicinty as A One Snacks and offers decent rolls too. My favorites include Chicken Big Roll, Chicken Big Cheese Roll and Chicken Big Mayo Garlic Roll. It’s also a popular spot in its other Sindhi Muslim location as well.

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Crescent Roll Corner

Bahadurabad is the home to several roll joints and this one is very popular. Grab a roll and hit one of the chai dhabas in the area for kahwa or cut chai.

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Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is perhaps the first roll joint in the Bahadurabad area that has been around for decades. The quality is a hit and a miss and though I prefer Hot  N Spicy myself, this is worth a try if you ever find yourself in the area.

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Jehangir Merath Kabab House

Merath on Tipu Sultan Road is barbecue central and also sells some awesome rolls. Though not as popular as the others on this list, you can grab a roll and tikka and feel super satisfied.



Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar House

Another superb barbecue joint, this is also famous for rolls. The original Ghaffar Kabab at Tariq Road is a must visit if you live or venture to the other side of the bridge.



Mirchi 360º

It’s not as old as Hot N Spicy, but this Khadda Market joint has grown to be an alternative to the rest of the roll joints in the area. The Chatni rolls and Behari rolls are great in chicken and beef so do give it a try.



Roll Inn

Boat Basin is the oldest food strip in Clifton and I remember going to Roll Inn there during my high school years for quick roll fixes with friends. It’s one of the best in the area and my favorite Chicken Garlic Mayo Roll still tastes as good as it did years ago.

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These are mostly the popular places these days and if we miss out any of your favorites, please let us know in the comments.


Cover Image via: Hot N Spicy / Facebook

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