A Hijab-Wearing Barbie Based On This Muslim Olympian Has Pissed Off Racists Everywhere

By Sajeer Shaikh | 14 Nov, 2017

Every platform holds its fair share of power. And on each and every platform, representation matters. For young girls of faith, that representation became a reality with the news of a Hijab-wearing Barbie that would soon be released.

The official team at Barbie announced the very same through their Twitter account.

The Hijab-wearing Barbie has been based on American saber fencer, Ibtihaj Muhammad.

She’s a 31-year-old Olympian who has represented Muslim women at a level as grand as the Olympics.

Source: Wikipedia

As soon as the news broke, multiple publications picked it up…

…thereby allowing a bigger audience to be made aware of the news. 

Ibtihaj Muhammad took to Twitter, expressing her gratitude and excitement over the news. 

However, one Twitter user pointed out how certain racists would be extremely angry about this piece of news. 

Unfortunately, he was right. As soon as the news broke, racists started fuming over social media.

With a distorted version of Islam in mind, racists started taking shots at the doll and its company.

And some racist jokes were made in extremely poor taste.

The entire ordeal was, undoubtedly, highly insensitive…

…but the racists kept at it, letting their anger be known.

However, where racists were fuming in one corner, there were many who saw this as great news. They, too, took to social media to express their delight.

The fact that representation matters was pointed out. 

People considered the idea beautiful. 

And many took to appreciate the entire concept of a Hijab-wearing Barbie.

Moreover, some people stepped in to defend the Barbie and the religion it represents against the racist trolls.

Others expressed how they were eagerly awaiting this new Barbie’s release…

…so that they may add it to their collection that represented powerful women. 

Undoubtedly, it’s a great honor and a milestone, as the following tweet rightly pointed out:

In a world that’s so evidently racist and hateful towards all they don’t understand, representation matters and always will. It is thus that such inclusions are truly a great step towards a more accepting society.

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