43 Of The Most Viral Moments That Happened In Pakistan In 2018

By Biya Haq | 27 Dec, 2018

It’s been a viral world.

As the new year draws closer and closer, it’s always fun to sit back and reminisce on the good ole’ days of 2018.

Source: deenga


However, this is MangoBaaz, so instead, we’re going to write an article on it. Oh and rather than the good ole’ days, we thought we’d talk about the good ole’ viral days we were all blessed with this past year.

So without further ado, here were the most viral moments in Pakistan in 2018.

1. DIPLO came to Pakistan.

Source: Black Box Sounds

He closed the show with, “Peace, Love and Party” – need I say more?

2. Multan fans made the cutest song for PSL.


3. This guy designed his sister’s Nikkahnama. 

Gepostet von Umar Shahzad am Montag, 1. Januar 2018

“Islamic marriage contracts aren’t usually well designed. As a graphic designer, I couldn’t let my sister sign one that was poorly typed up in Word and printed on a plain white paper… so I put this together as a gift. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out” his Facebook post read.

4. These Pakistani Anchors just LOST it on live TV.


5. This expecting mom had the most creative baby shower.

Source: Sania Khan

After having an incredibly difficult time during her own pregnancy, this mama decided to give back. She told MangoBaaz,

“When I was going through this condition, a lot of sacrifices were given. People from around the world were making special dua in their mosques for me and my baby, now that Alhamdullilah I’m stable, I want to be able to do something on my own to give back. My friends decided to throw me a dream baby shower however I please, and I thought to give to the world rather than receive anything.” Read the whole story here.

6. This Lahori Dulha wore a completely gold suit to his wedding.

Source: Lahore News

Let’s hope it was a one-time thing.

7. PIA released an Inception-inspired trailer for the airline.

8. Malala and Elon Musk shared a few choice words.

He said this:

Then they said this:

And then SHE SAID:

It was magic.

9. Jahangir Tareen became FAMOUS.

And so did his son.

Source: hiddenbodyfacts


11. The KIKI Challenge came to Pakistan.

As did Eva Zubeck.

12. This guy proposed to his girlfriend at an Atif Aslam concert.

It was pretty cute.

13. This video of Pakistani and Indian soldiers dancing together – peace goals.

14. Fucking Johnny Johnny nursery rhyme took a mind of its own.

Source: Billion Surprise Toys via YouTube.com

15. As did the popular, ‘Baby Shark’ song.

16. The absolutely terrifying ‘Momo challenge‘ surfaced.

Cover image via news18.com

17. This Doc in America wanted to sell everything and move to Naya Pakistan.

Wonder where he’s been.

18. Sham Idrees got FINALLY got engaged to Froggy.

Just in case you were curious:

Source: MangoBaaz

19. The E-Chalaan begins in Punjab.

It was good for many as it genuinely made many Lahoris much more conscience. But not all of them:

This guy was caught cheating thanks to the cameras.

20. Zulfi Bukhari casually chilling with Rihanna and Drake.


21. Waj bro was also chilling, in Imran Khan’s bathtub.

source: @anees_avis

It waa, insightful?

22. The Pakistani High Commissioner was WASTED.

Whatta guy, welcome to Naya the fuck Pakistan.

23. Shahid Afridi trolled badly after being caught chewing naswar.


24. Siyasi Bachi went viral in Pakistan for her thoughts on literally everything.

25.  As did the angry Pathan kid.

Angry Pathan Kid Is Back

Let's make this kid FAMOUS.

Gepostet von MangoBaaz Video am Samstag, 13. Oktober 2018

26. In a monumental decision, Asia Bibi was officially freed from prison.

Source: MangoBaaz

27. Pakistan’s banks hit with the biggest cyber attack in HISTORY.

28. This drug burning that took place in Peshawar and looked absolutely INSANE.

Source: @IslamabadScene Via Twitter


29. Ko-ko Karina happened ya’ll.

Sorry for making you listen to it again.

30. Azhar Ali just embarrassed himself in front of everyone and their mom by his bad run.

Source: MangoBaaz/@GreatTalhaMalik Via Twitter

31. Karachi was smelling real bad for a while there.



33. Muslims all over the world fell in love with Christiano Ronaldo because he said Salaam on Insta Live.

Guess that’s all it takes.

34. Naya Pakistan brought two Imran Khan lookalikes with it.

Imran twin one:

Imran twin two:


35. The Ammi Jee dialogue went CRAZY viral.


36. This bride entered her wedding IN A cake.


37. We all found out that George Bush’s tailor gets flown into America from Karachi.


38. The adorable first lady of Malaysia asked Imran Khan if she could hold his hand.


39. This dancing bride stole the show and won hearts all over Pakistan.

Now THAT is a happy bride, MashAllah.

Read what she had to say and why we legit fell even more in love with her.

40. Faryal Makhdoom took a dick pic.

@Faryalmakhdoom via Instagram.com


41. These kids at GCU KILLED it by making an insane Harry Potter movie.

42. Jibraan Nasir danced his heart out at a Mehndi.

Also, he’s like reallly good.

And the besttttt news to carry us out into the new year?



There ya have it, folks. Forty-three of some of the most viral moments from this year. Did we miss any? If we did, let us know in the comments below! Love you and can’t wait to share the next forty-three with all of you.

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Cover photo source: Tribune/@IslamabadScene Via Twitter

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