Humaima Malick Just Said She's The Sexiest Thing About “The Legend Of Maula Jatt” And The Tharak Is Real

By Iman Zia | 27 Dec, 2018

‘The Legend Of Maula Jatt’ left us speechless. It was absolutely fantastic, and legit broke the internet. The mass scale of production, the cinematography and the transformation of the film’s main characters gave everyone hope that this might just catapult Lollywood into global stardom.

And while everyone looked absolutely breathtaking, Humaima Malick stole all presence – let’s face it – she looked absolutely stunning…

Source: An Encyclomedia & Lashari Films Production


Like, seriously – the prowess she’s oozing in every shot is overwhelming

Source: An Encyclomedia & Lashari Films Production


We are getting some serious Cersai vibes…

Souce: HBO


And Red Witch vibes too…

Source: HBO


Source: An Encyclomedia & Lashari Films Production


Indian producer Ekta Kapoor even praised Humaima’s look in the highly anticipated film


Humaima even admits she’s the sexiest thing about the film

The actress is finally back on-screen after ‘Arth 2,’ and spoke to publication ‘Dawn Images’ where she said she is the “strongest and sexiest element of this movie.” Humaima plays a princess, and from the trailer, we feel how empowering her character might end up being.



Humaima said that she “plays a woman who is as tough as her in real life”

The actress said that her character is a “fearless princess who is more of a fierce warrior when the time calls for it.” The actress expressed how this by far her strongest character to date; “she knows the art of leading her clan and is not afraid of any challenge in life.”

Source: An Encyclomedia & Lashari Films Production


Humaima said her looks have been inspired by Princess Cleopatra, and we actually see it!

The actress said, “my look had to be so prim and proper at all times that once my director paused the shoot had had my team redo my eyeliner to create the perfect look required for this character.” The costumes have been designed by Zara Shahjahan, and Humaima said the looks have been really given attentive detail.


The tharak is real too with the audience





Even when Feroze Khan tried complimenting Mahira’s role, Mahira mentioned Humaima




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