The Legend Of Maula Jatt's Trailer Just Dropped And HOLY SHIT It's SO FUCKING GOOD, No Jokes

By Sarmad Amer | 21 Dec, 2018

Everyone knows Maula Jatt is being remade with some of the best actors in Pakistan right now. With Fawad Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Mahira Khan and Humaima Malick at the helm with director Bilal Lashari there’s no doubt that the movie is going to be an interesting watch – to say the least. Well the first look trailer just dropped and HOLY SHIT


Maula Jatt’s first look trailer LOOKS absolutely deliciously amazing

Source: Lashari Films


And the actors? They’ve never looked better

There’s Fawad Khan

Source: Lashari Films


Hamza Ali Abbasi

Source: Lashari Films


Mahira Khan

Source: Lashari Films


Here’s Mahira Khan again because she’s LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

Source: Lashari Films


Humaima Malick

Source: Lashari Films

And of course there are a bunch of other stellar actors adorning this amazing movie but my tharki dil refocuses back to the amazing stars that headline this cast. Other actors include Shafqat Cheema, Gohar Rasheed, Ali Azmat, Farish Shafi, Nayyer Ejaz and Saima Baloch.


The movie gave very Game of Thrones meets Gladiator vibes to me

Source: Lashari Films


Hamza Ali Abbasi dressed as a Dothraki with Game of Thrones type soundtrack playing in the background didn’t help change that perception

Maybe they were going for that vibe, in the first place?

Source: Lashari Films


And there’s the iconic Asher-Khirad romance

Source: Lashari Films


Can’t wait for 2019

Source: Lashari Films


Here’s the trailer so you can be as excited as I am


As President Taylor Swift says, are you ready for it?


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