Sarmad Khoosat Just Went Off At Geo Films For Not Releasing His Manto On Netflix Like The Indian Version

By Maliha Khan | 21 Dec, 2018

Sarmad Khoosat played Manto back in September 2015, which was followed by a TV series containing the same cast that was released in December of 2015.


Khoosat’s version of the Manto’s life and stories were praised by people all over the world, including our bordering neighbors, India.


With the release of Nandita Das’s version of Manto starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui back in September of this year, a conversation around art should have no borders has once again arisen.

Sarmad Khoosat remains appalled at the fact that Pakistan has banned the release of the Indian version of Manto due to political and national controversies rather than allowing beautiful art to speak for itself.


After the Indian version of ‘Manto’ released on Netflix recently Sarmad is going off at the producers of his movie, Geo Films for not doing the same


Manto was met with awards from the Indian film industry as well.


Even though the movie was not advertised like it was supposed to be according to Sarmad, he admits, the movie was received with a warm welcome.


Nandita Das, the filmmaker behind the Indian Manto also had a few words to add to this conversation

Her main goal in creating her version of Manto was to continue to tell the story of a legend and continue the legacy. She believes Manto is a story that should be told by all that believe in the message and have something to add to the conversation. The more the merrier in her opinion. She is a prime example of how welcoming the Pakistani version has been all over India and should be the same in Pakistan.


To which Khoosat replied

(Who else is loving the emphasis he put on having to watch it on Netflix?)


Khoosat’s opinion on this matter has been well-received by people on both sides of the border, especially Indians.

So much love from Indian fans

Some Indian fans want to know if the Pakistani version of Manto can be released on Netflix as well

Pretty please?

Other fans have yet to get their hands on the Pakistani version

And the love continues…

Don’t worry we aren’t forgetting Manto’s Pakistani fans

Majority of the fans were proud of both countries’ productions and found them equally amazing

What are your thoughts around this arts should have no boundaries debate?


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