Why People in Pakistan Still Can't Get Over Humsafar

By Zukhruf Mehboob | 20 Sep, 2015

It’s been 4 years since the first episode of  the famed drama ‘Humsafar’ aired on television screens all across Pakistan. The story took its sweet time to really pick up, but after the first couple of episodes we were all hooked; everyone who started watching the drama did find himself/herself sitting before the television on Saturday nights at 8 pm sharp. Every set of Pakistani eyes would be glued to the screen long after the credits rolled and we all got a sneak peak into the next episode as well. But what made this ordinary story so popular?


10. That Title Song

Before the drama even went on air, people were introduced to the trailer and the OST of Humsafar. The trailer promised an exceptional serial and the OST made the case even stronger. Although, many of us didn’t know the meaning of some of the “sophisticated” Urdu words that were part of the lyrics, we still loved it. ‘Who Humsafar tha’ in Quratulain Baloch’s voice moved many hearts.

Source: Siasat


9. Khirad

From her soft voice to her obedience, Khirad had it all! She was beautiful inside out. Although, finding such a humble and polite girl these days will be like finding a needle in a haystack, there’s no harm in fantasizing about one (or in this case making a drama revolving around one). And from Khirad we were all introduced to the charming, soft spoken and very beautiful Mahira Khan as the girl that captured Pakistan (and Shahrukh Khan)’s imagination.

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8. Khirad’s dresses

Ladies will definitely agree with me. Khirad’s chic dresses and the way she carried them made all of you envy her. Not only did the aunties and their beitiyan envy her, they also got their sons fantasizing about a Khirad of their very own. We wonder how can someone look uber-stylish in simple yet chic outfits!

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7. That One Scene

Yes, that one. With the rain and that dress! Ladies, we all fell in love with that black dress which Khirad wore while she relished in the rain. And seeing her step out in the rain and dance all her worries away put a spell not only on Ashar but everyone watching the episode, as well!

Source: Hum TV


6. The Romance

Admit it, the moment Khirad and Ashar got all mushy onscreen, your heart thumped with excitement. Because you adored the good-looking couple, the gradual increase in the intensity of their feelings for each other and the way Ashar complimented Khirad.

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5. The Other Girl

There’s no doubt that Khirad was the perfect wife, bahu, beti and whichever relation life brought her way, but Sara had her own charm. And Naveen completely did justice to her role. The drama would have lacked the element of excitement had there not been someone like Sara playing the thorn in Asher and Khirad’s romance.

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4. The Director

While we praise the onscreen actors for the success of Humsafar, the talented director – Sarmad Khoosat – without whom all that we watched wouldn’t have been possible in the first place deserves to be admired for his work as well.

Source: Dawn


3. The Producer

The acclaimed producer Momina Duraid put the whole novel in 23 episodes with such beauty that even after being a typical story, people craved for more of Humsafar’s episodes. Not only were Pakistanis addicted, the drama was also aired in India and many other parts of the world and was loved just as much.

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2. The Writer

How can we go without crediting the person whose mind and pen combined to create possibly the greatest modern romance in this part of the world? Farhat Ishtiaq has many other works to her credit and she is, without a doubt, our modern day Pakistani Jane Austen.

Source: Chat DD


And finally…


1. Fawad Khan

Dare we say that this love story owes as much to Fawad Khan as he does to it, for putting him on the map and hearts of desi girls in every corner of the world! The girls used to be drooling over the heartthrob. From having attractive looks to playing a heartbreakingly lovable character, the bankable actor won millions of hearts both within and beyond the borders. Our Asher had it all (yes, he will always be Ashar to all of us fangirls)!

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His eyes piercing through you. Right ladies?

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