Oye Potterheads, These Students From Lahore Just Made The Coolest Harry Potter Film And You've Got To See It

By Maliha Khan | 24 Dec, 2018

I think it’s safe to say 99.9% of the world’s population sat at the edge of their seats awaiting each and every installment of the series to hit the big screens. We waited in long lines, bad weather, and even the night before our exams to be able to watch the newest Harry Potter movie in theaters. Each movie brought thrill, excitement, and suspense. The thought and execution that went behind each scene were out of this world.


And now this Pakistani fan-Made Harry Potter inspired film, “The Last Follower and The Resurrection of Voldemort” is honestly the coolest thing we’ve seen this week

The film was produced by Khayaali Productions, owned and founded by GCU student Waleed Akram. He also took his place as the Director, Cinematographer, and Editor of this film.


The trailer is the perfect combination of a well thought-out story along with maintaining aspects of the original Harry Potter series.

The shots, action, and mystery were methodically played out in the trailer and I’m sure the rest of the film as well.

Source: Khayaali Productions


The camera work, the seamless transition between scenes, and the powerful acting from the students of GCU have left the audience in awe of this original piece of work.

Source: Khayaali Productions


We aren’t the only ones barely holding our mouths closed from amazement


Like seriously… the students of GCU have been hiding their talent


Perfect word to describe the trailer


Everyone’s sending love to the geniuses behind this film


Amazing might be an understatement


The graphics are getting special praise


All of you wizards and witches get your wands ready 


Some of our favorite faces were also found appreciating the film

If this isn’t a stamp of approval, I’m not sure what is..


Watch the entire trailer here:

Who else has joined in the excitement and can’t wait to find out when the film gets released (hopefully on the big screen)??


Oye Potterheads, There Is A Legit Hogwarts School In Pakistan And We Are FREAKING OUT

15 Things That Every Harry Potter Fan In Pakistan Has Possibly Heard, More Than Once


Cover image via Khayaali Productions / YouTube

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