15 Things That Every Harry Potter Fan In Pakistan Has Possibly Heard, More Than Once

By Hurmat Riaz | 13 Apr, 2017

Being a Harry Potter fan is something cool because the fandom is international and you can make friends anywhere around the world by striking up a conversation about it. But being a Pakistani, it’s not that easy.

Here are some reactions that Potterheads have to tolerate from the likes of those who are *ahem, ahem* Muggles:


1. Oye Harry Puttar

Why would you even say that?

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2. Ye toh Illuminati ka sign hai

Dude it’s Deathly Hallows, not Illuminati.

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3. Ye jadoo shadoo haraam hota hai

This is something you hear from people who think that Harry Potter teaches witchcraft.

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4. Jadoo? Haww.

But half the nation believes in and practices black magic.

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5. Aur tera Peer Harry kesa hai?

What is that even supposed to mean?

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6. Dumbledore ki daarhi ghair sharai hai

uhmm… okay…

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7. Oye Muggle tou gaali hai na?

You should be thankful that we are sparing your life.

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8. Ullo manhoos hotay hain stop watching them

How can this cutie be manhoos? I mean, LOOK AT IT!

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9. Tumhain pata hai na k ye sub jhoot hai?

Thank you for this brand new information. We always thought we could actually ride flying brooms for so long.

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10. Iss main urtay jharu aur jadoo k ilawa aur hai hi kya?

Harry Potter more than that. It’s about friendship, love, bravery and more. You’ll know that when you’ll read it.

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11. Yaar woh Hogwarts walay café tou gae hi ho gi?

Of course! It’s the only treat for Harry Potter fans in Pakistan.

Source: The Smokey Cauldron / Facebook


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12. Bari ho jao. Ye bachon wali cheez hai.

There’s nothing childish about Harry Potter apart from the fact that it’s about a bunch of kids who stand up against evil and grow into heroes of their world. How much childish is that?

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13. Ye itna obsession tumhara theek nahi hai.

I’m obsessed with a book series. How bad can it be? Some people are obsessed with stuff that’s even illegal.

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14. Acha waisay Harry Potter main hota kya hai? Aik line main bta dou.

This is something that cannot be covered in one line apart from, ‘friendship, love and bravery’ which of course is not enough.

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15. Acha zara meray baitay/beti ko Harry Potter suna dou/gift ker dou. Movie dikha dou. Samjha dou.

Oh so you think that I am cool now? About time.

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Keep it together desi Potterheads. Hogwarts is always there to welcome us home.

Source: The Last Word Books / Facebook

Have you ever got to hear such things or something else on being a Potterhead in Pakistan? Tell us in the comments below.

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