Here’s The Ultimate New Year’s Playlist Of The Greatest Hits To Bid Farewell To 2018

By Rameeza Ahmad | 26 Dec, 2018

All the best new year’s playlist for 2018 in one place. 

New year’s is a great time for everyone; it’s a time for new beginnings. But before you begin the new year, it is important to properly bid farewell to the previous year. And what better way to bid adieu this year than to dance to the best songs of 2018 on new years night.


1. In My Feelings

2. Girls Like You

3. Dilbar

4. Chogada

5. No Tears Left To Cry

6. Aankh Marey

7. Thank U, Next

8. Havanna

9. Proper Patola

10. Billo Hai

11. Saudai Sayian

12. Move To Miami

13. Youngblood

14. Naache Re

15. Laung Laachi

16. Tareefan

17. My My My!

18. Friends

19. I’m A Mess

20. Aya Lariye

21. Delicate

22. The Middle

23. Finesse

24.Without Me

25. Kya Baat Ay

26. Ballay Ballay

27. Dance To This

28. Hawa Hawa

29. Taki Taki

30. Nikle Current

31. Husn Parcham

What songs are a must in your playlist? Let us know in the comments.



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Here’s The Perfect New Year’s Playlist With The Greatest Hits Of 2017


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