Oh Bhains, These Pakistani News Anchors Fighting On The Job Have Gone Viral All Over The World And People Love It

By Biya Haq | 26 Feb, 2018

As exciting news can be, most of us usually skip over the first few channels on TV to avoid the flashing tickers of local news networks. Unless you’re with your parents and they have the remote. Lol.


WELL, the news channel, City 42 just made the news SUPER entertaining when it’s two anchors went AT IT, bitching each other out.

Source: Daily Pakistan Via: Manish Kalauni


There is literally no context to the video we saw of them fighting, but none the less, it is HILARIOUS. The man anchor, (Manchor) was criticizing her ‘nakhray’ and she called him Jaahil.

So basically it was your standard brother/sister fight.

But just for argument’s sake, and well cause lol, imagine what they could be arguing about,


This would make the most sense, waisay.


No, but really, this was probably one of the most entertaining things we’ve seen on the News.

And the Internet had plenty to say:

Source: Daily Pakistan Via: RJ Naaz

You’re not wrong, friend.

Source: Daily Pakistan Via: RJ Naaz

Short and not so sweet, it seems.

Looooool, not going to agree here.


Whatever they were fighting about, we hope it’s better now, but also thankful that it happened because it just made our Monday’s so much better. So thank you love you!!!!!!

Have any other thoughts on what they were fighting about? What he did? What she did? LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.


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Cover photo source: Daily Pakistan Via: Manish Kalauni

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