Why Is Everyone Still Silent About Protecting The Children Of Pakistan?

By Sajeer Shaikh | 26 Feb, 2018

The children of Pakistan are still suffering more than a year after Zainab was told to us as a moment that would put a stop to their exploitation and abuse.


Last year began with awful news for innocent children of Pakistan

On the 4th of January, little Zainab’s tragedy left everyone shaken to their very cores.

Source: samaa.tv via Facebook

However, it wasn’t the first that the world was hearing about such a heinous crime that found its roots in Kasur. The child pornography wounds from the years before are still a vivid memory for many.

Reportedly, nearly 280 children were being sexually exploited in Kasur.

Source: tribune.com.pk


After Zainab’s unfortunate demise, numerous cases about similar treatment of children of Pakistan were highlighted

Little Asma from Mardan was another angel who lost her life in a similar manner.

Via Twitter


Consequently, there were many conversations regarding the matter at hand.


Who do you think is responsible for Zainab?#JusticeForZainab

Gepostet von Wajood am Donnerstag, 11. Januar 2018


Moreover, other cases about these children of Pakistan were highlighted on social media platforms.


Apart from this, local publications and news channels put forward some highly shocking statistics about the children of Pakistan.

They are as follows:

  • “The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said that 1,582 rape cases were reported in 2016, more than twice the year before, with child rape cases rising by 10%.” – Los Angeles Times
  • “At least 222 cases of sexual abuse against children were reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) between May 2011 and December 2017, statistics released by KP Child Protection and Welfare Commission show. The data reveals that a total of 29,026 vulnerable children were registered with the department during the period, of which 17,794 were males, 11,226 females, and six transgenders.” – Dawn
  • “Lahore saw 107 cases of child rape, the report prepared by Punjab’s additional chief secretary and additional inspector general says while pointing out that 2017 saw a higher number of reported child rape cases than 2016. In two years, 1,297 cases of child rape were reported in Punjab.” – Dawn
  • “The Ministry of Human Rights has told the National Assembly that since 2013 a whopping 17, 862 cases of child abuse have been reported in the country.” – The Express Tribune
  • “As many as 11 cases of child sexual abuse are reported from across Pakistan every day, according to data collected by the non-governmental organization, Sahil.” – Geo News
Source: Qazi Mehmood / Associated Press


Regardless of whether you look at these statistics collectively or on their own, they spell sheer horror for our nation. 

Whether it’s the 280 children in Kasur or the 1297 cases in Punjab – those numbers aren’t just numbers. They’re actual children reduced to numbers on a report. We may not see their faces, as we did with Zainab or Asma. Additionally, we may not even know what they endured. However, they all have families who mourn their loss. They all have lives that were cut short in the most heinous manner.

Source: B.K. Bangash / Associated Press


For instance, we were all unaware of 5-year-old Ayesha’s tragedy that was similar to Zainab’s.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Ayesha was taken from a wedding in January 2017. Her father, Mohammed Asif, stated that they received her forensic report informing them of her fate only after Zainab’s murder was highlighted by the media.

Source: tribune.com.pk


Similarly, little Kainat from Kasur was another angel who suffered brutality. However, she survived.

Two months before Zainab’s case was brought to light, Kainat was attacked and dumped in the trash.


All these cases about children of Pakistan and highly disturbing numbers beg the same question: why is Pakistan still silent?

Yes, we had the initial outcry each time an incident was highlighted. Conversations regarding the importance of sex education started taking place. Moreover, the importance of good and bad touches was stressed upon. However, just as the roar began all at once, it died down just as fast. The cases kept on being reported. Statistics kept showing up on our social media platforms. The hashtags died down.

Source: dawn.com


While many noticed the same on Twitter…

…especially once Zainab’s killer was caught…

…the conversation spread to Reddit as well.

Via Reddit
Via Reddit

The silence became deafening.

Via Reddit


We’re all well aware that there’s a lot more to Kasur than what meets the eye.

Theories have been afloat regarding the same. However, can we really afford to be lax about this at a time where our children are no longer safe in any environment? Does it not terrify us that our children aren’t safe either indoors or outdoors? Are we not petrified that the monsters we assume lurk in dark corners could possibly be a stone’s throw away?

Source: geo.tv

Given the way events have transpired, each one of us shoulders the responsibility to do more than we have.

Vigils to remember the deceased and tweets sending out thoughts and prayers may offer peace of mind, but we’re not living in a time that requires us to look for peace in such immense chaos.

On an individual level, we can all still make enough noise and pledge to not stop till we see any semblance of change.

For Zainab, Asma, Ayesha, and Kainat.

For the children whose names we do not know.

For our children, who we pray do not end up as a number on a report one day.

We absolutely must not stay silent.


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Cover image via: thenational.ae

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