People Are Trolling PIA's New Ad So Much It's Almost Too Painful To Watch ?

By Biya Haq | 22 Feb, 2018

PIA has had its fair share of grievances in the past.

Source: Deenga

(That’s PIA, so to speak.)

Everything from people trolling its service, it’s staff and even their planes.

However, in what seems like an attempt to defend their airline, they recently put up this ad:

We are the only airline that flies directly to the most international destinations from Pakistan. We are the only…

Posted by Pakistan International Airlines on Dienstag, 20. Februar 2018

At first, the ad did seem pretty badass. It was a direct clapback to all the haters of the airline who had time and again put them down.

BUT, before anyone could really acknowledge that, Facebook users had an entirely different idea and in Facebook user fashion, decided to troll the ad, instead.

Ohhhh and trolllllll they did:

Source: PIA Via: Facebook

To which PIA mostly boldly responded:

Source: PIA Via: Facebook

But of course, that wasn’t going to be the end…

Source: PIA Via: Facebook

^ Honestly, couldn’t post the whole thing, it was too long. Lmao.


Source: PIA Via: Facebook

But alas…

Source: PIA Via: Facebook

This is what we meant by, ‘too painful to watch.’ Yikes :/

Source: PIA Via: Facebook

Ohhhhhh Admin.

Source: PIA Via: Facebook

But challo, we’ll give PIA the last laugh here.

Source: PIA Via: Facebook

But oh wait, just when we thought the bloodbath was over and PIA was ready to give in to the trolls of the universe…

Source: PIA Via: Facebook


You have to admit, this was a GREAT comeback. Now, this is a PR team we can get on board with. Love you PIA, hang in there.

Have any choice words for PIA? Anything to say about this post? The rest of Facebook definitely does. Let us know in the comments section below! Love you.



Photo source: PIA Via: Facebook

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