This Foreigner Doing The Kiki Challenge Wearing The Pakistani Flag Has Caused A Shitstorm Online

By Maham Lari | 13 Aug, 2018

We’ve seen various versions of the Kiki Challenge trending for a while now, several in Pakistan too. Different Pakistani celebrities also attempted a take on the viral dance and now a foreign visitor has attempted it in an entirely different form.

Eva Zu Beck, a social traveler attempted the Kiki Challenge on a PIA flight.

Source: Twitter Via: PIA

Eva is basically from Poland/England and is pretty famous for traveling all around the world. She’s known for visiting unusual places and making amazing vlogs and capturing beautiful pictures – as never seen before.

This time around her heart has been set on Pakistan. She’s been visiting different areas of Pakistan and its safe to say that she is ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with our amazing country.

Just look at the breathtaking pictures she’s been taking *drooling*

I’ll admit it. The Taliban was on my mind a lot during my trip to Swat. But hang on. 🤫✨ Let me explain. . For those of you unfamiliar with local history, the terrorist group took over this area for several years in the recent past. Following many bitter battles, the Pakistani army finally pushed them out almost a decade ago. . But the memory of the terror remains in people’s hearts and stories. . As for me… no, it’s not that I was scared of the Taliban – not at all. . For me, it was a continued shock that an area of such intense natural beauty, where kindness is written out on people’s faces, could undergo so much suffering. . I kept picturing Taliban soldiers walking down the same streets as I did, along the mighty river, listening to its thunder. Wives and mothers in the houses atop those lush hills, wailing as their loved ones were taken away from them. All those girls who were banned from going to school, and who could only watch the bustle of the town from behind the window. All that fear, all that tension, all that poverty and instability, in the midst of paradise. . And then I would come out of my daydream. I would look around me – the mighty river, the lush hills, the bustling towns. They are still here. The people, many of them are still here. They still smile with their lips and their eyes. . And there is a desire to move on. To bury the Taliban in history books and revive the Swat that was once famous all around the world. There is a desire to rebuild, to welcome, to share. . And there is something in the grand optimism, in the proud invincibility of the Pashtun people that found its way into my heart. With their broad landscapes and even broader smiles, they convinced me that Swat will one day blossom again. And that day will come soon. . . . #letsgotopakistan #swatvalley #desanmeadows #creative_pakistan #dawndotcom #seepakistan #igpk #travelpeacefulpakistan #travelbeautifulpakistan #exploringbeautifulpakistan #spectacularpakistan #islamic_republic_of_pakistan #storiesofpakistan #picturepakistan #pakistan_amazing #girlsthatwander #girldiscoverers #travelgram

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Totally flaunting that dress

This dress has become a small symbol of the generosity I experience every day in Pakistan. Here’s the story behind the photo. . Before driving out for today’s trip, I wanted to pop by a local shop and buy a shawl. I thought it might look good in pictures. . The driver stopped by a small shop owned by his relative. After rummaging in his wares, I finally found a purple shawl I liked. I asked for the price. . He said the shawl belongs in a set with a dress. Of course, I didn’t need the dress. Just as I was about to walk out disappointed, the shopkeeper suggested I should just borrow the whole set – dress and shawl – for the day. No need to buy it. . I asked him about the rental price, but he insisted on giving it to me for free. After a lengthy back-and-forth, I thanked him profusely, took the dress and planned to pay him upon my return. . At some point during the day, I put on the dress and we took a bunch of photos. Some local boys passing by in a jeep seemed to think I was a Pashtun girl 😅 It was great fun twirling around in this beautiful frock with the mountains in the background. . Eventually, we came back to the shop to return the dress. Again I asked about the rental price and took out a few hundred rupees to give to the shopkeeper. He said he didn’t want the money. He wouldn’t hear of it, no matter how much we insisted. There was no convincing him to take the payment. He was simply happy to see that a foreign tourist – me – could enjoy a piece of local culture. . I find that incredible: he could have made easy money on me, yet he chose not to. Such simple generosity. . I showed him the photos we took in the dress. His lips stretched from ear to ear in a bright smile. . On the way back from the shop to the hotel, the driver turned around to me: “You see, our name has been tarnished but we are good people”. . . . #letsgotopakistan #swatvalley #desanmeadows #creative_pakistan #dawndotcom #seepakistan #igpk #travelpeacefulpakistan #travelbeautifulpakistan #exploringbeautifulpakistan #spectacularpakistan #islamic_republic_of_pakistan #storiesofpakistan #picturepakistan #pakistan_amazing #girlsthatwander #girldiscoverers #travelgram

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She has some amazing things to say about Pakistan and we are loving it. *chest swells with pride*

One of my greatest pleasures while travelling is exploring local markets. Walking around, stopping by each stall, exchanging salaams with the owner. . If you look closely at a market, you’re bound to learn so much about the local history and culture. The spices on sale will tell you all about the cuisine; the fruit all about the climate; the clothes all about the culture; and the hawkers walking around with strange contraptions in their hands will reveal local secrets. . After an extremely hot afternoon wandering around Islamabad’s Itwar Bazaar, I am totally charmed. I only wish there were more markets like this in the city… . What’s your favourite local market? And why? . . . #islamabad #islamabadgram #islamabaddiaries #isloo #letsgotopakistan #creative_pakistan #dawndotcom #seepakistan #igpk #travelbeautifulpakistan #exploringbeautifulpakistan #islamic_republic_of_pakistan #storiesofpakistan #pakistan_amazing #girlsthatwander #girldiscoverers #travelgram

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With Independence Day just around the corner, Eva decided to do something unique and make her visit to Pakistan even more memorable.

She wrapped up herself in the Pakistani flag and attempted the Kiki challenge – especially for Pakistan.

However, after posting the video of her Kiki challenge, she started receiving immense backlash from the public!

All because she was holding the flag

And PIA too was bombarded with criticism.

The media left no stone unturned to shame her

Even NAB got involved. 

After receiving SO MUCH criticism for something that she did only out of love for Pakistan – she deleted the video.

In a short video message, she explained why and how she did the Kiki challenge:

Heartbreaking indeed. She didn’t really deserve the criticism that she got and instead of appreciation for her immense love and patriotism, she got brutally rejected by the Pakistani awam. 

Some people were so upset about the way she was treated that they took on Twitter to express their sorrow.

Quite a few were really really pissed!

Others were giving logical explanations

This guy said it all

The entire state of events is quite unfortunate and I hope we haven’t traumatized Eva. Anyway, let us know what you think about this in the comments.


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