This Extra AF Lahori Dulha Wore An Outfit Made Of Gold For His Valima And OMG, What A Legend

By Nai Dulhan | 11 Apr, 2018

Gold isn’t just a super expensive ornament for us Pakistanis, especially the “laydis log”. It is THE SHIT.

It is the mother of all expenses that are incurred at a Pakistani wedding. It’s also seen as the ultimate symbol of high status and social standing (not necessarily true, but okay.) If you don’t wear gold ka set to your wedding, society will wonder if you’re actually a real dulhan or not. Exchange of gold can also make or break a rishta. And if you wear enough of it, be sure to get some admiring glances as well as some stink eyes.


But hold up ladies, this is 2018 and well, let’s admit it, men are also becoming fashion forward. Just like this groom from Lahore who’s decked in gold completely.

That’s right. A businessman by profession, Hafiz Salman Shahid, a Lahori dulha who resides in the vicinity of Valencia Town, wore a valima outfit like no other.

Source: Lahore News

Let’s break it down into pieces, because yes, it is that GRAND.

Word has it that his outfit, which comprised of a gold-colored suit with crystal embellishments, cost him a whooping PKR 63,000.

Via Tumblr

If you thought that was extra af, wait till you hear this:

You gotta wear a tie to your valima, right? Well, step aside you regular people who match their tie with the bride’s dress, because Mr. Salman has just raised the bar pretty fucking high by wearing a GOLD tie, weighing 5 tolas, to the reception. YUP. He’s THAT extra. Cost incurred? Eh…just a mere PKR 5 Lakhs. That’s what some people make in a year maybe?

Source: Lahore News

OH…it ain’t over yet!

Mr. Richy Rich wasn’t going to take a trip to Bata or Service to buy himself a pair of boring black shoes like most grooms do. Instead, he wore custom-made PURE GOLD shoes, weighing 32 tolas, costing him a mere PKR 17 Lakhs. No biggie.

Via Tumblr

The total value of the outfit is reported to be a mind-boggling PKR 25 Lakhs! WOWZERS!

Sources also reported that extra measures for security had to be taken, only to protect the tie and the shoes from being stolen by dacoits. Kyun ke kahin joota chupai ki jagah joota choorai na ho jai!  Mr. Salman told the media that he was always fond of being a little different from the rest and he decided to don all that gold just so he could stand out from the rest. He sure did a great job!

If you want to watch him in all his golden glory, here’s a video:

What do you think? Will you ever wear this much gold to your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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