People Are Sick Of Seeing The “Angry Pathan Kid” Being Exploited All Over Social Media & They're Not Holding Back

By Kashaf | 25 Oct, 2018

For the past week, social media has been abuzz with videos of a cute little angry Pathan boy clad in a white school uniform and Harry Potter-esque glasses. The child, Ahmed Shah, became viral after a video of him getting angry in school and arguing with his teacher made waves on the internet.


While most people agreed it was highly inappropriate of the teacher to record and post a video of her student without his parents’ consent, I’m sure all is well on that end since Ahmed has been making appearances all over TV.


After becoming a viral sensation, Ahmed was invited to many morning shows where the hosts would provoke Ahmed by taking his toys and snacks away and then laugh hysterically when he got angry.

Today, Ahmed was a guest on Good Morning Pakistan hosted by Nida Yasir. The morning show was fine at first, talking to Ahmed and asking him about what he wanted to be when he was older and his hobbies. Then, the show took a left turn when Nida (a grown woman) would give toys to adorable little Ahmed and then take them away instigating him to act angry. Not only did she do this multiple times to get a reaction out of him, but she also made fun of him and his accent many times during the show. You can watch the cringe video here.


Exploiting young children is not okay. I mean, if you take a donut away from a three-year-old child – he/she is obviously going to get angry. But doing it for fun and to get views out of mocking a mere child is a new low.

Whether the show is scripted or not, portraying young children to be disrespectful is not something that should be taught on national television.

The people of the internet had a lot to say about today’s episode:

source: Facebook/ ARY Digital


Everyone agrees that he’s adorable, but the show could’ve been done in a civilized manner

source: Facebook/ ARY Digital


People agreed that the child is a child, adults should know better

source: Facebook/ ARY Digital


And some people compared the child to other viral stars like ‘chai wala’

source: Facebook/ ARY Digital


Most people agreed that you shouldn’t expect anything better from Pakistani morning shows

source: Facebook/ ARY Digital


Definitely not setting a good example for our youth

source: Facebook/ ARY Digital


Provoking the child by taking away his things was wrong on so many levels

source: Facebook/ ARY Digital


This person loves the kid but agrees that he’s been exploited in all the wrong ways

source: Facebook/ ARY Digital


People are also worried about the child’s future and blame his parents

source: Facebook/ ARY Digital


Many felt the boy was not funny at all

source: Facebook/ ARY Digital

And on a lighter note…

source: Facebook/ ARY Digital


What did you think about the famous ‘angry Pathan kid’? Let us know in the comments below.


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cover image source: Facebook/ ARY Digital 

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