All The Restaurants And Shops Offering Deals By Trolling The ‘Ko Ko Korina' Song

By Rameen Shakil | 25 Oct, 2018

Ahad Raza Mir’s and Momina Mustehsan’s rendition of the 35-year-old song ‘Ko Ko Korina‘ has left the internet in a frenzy. Most people seem to be enraged at Coke Studio for destroying the beautiful song that reminds them of their childhood. Of course, with the hate comes the bashing, the hilarious memes, the trolls and so forth. Matlab, ye tou hona hee tha. 


Even though the two look GREAT together, people are pissed at them for ruining ‘Ko Ko Korina’, a legendary song.

Source: Coke Studio


Restaurants, have been trolling this rendition of ‘Ko Ko Korinaaur aapas kee baath hai, 10/10 marketing strategies right here

YES, We dare you to listen this fabulous version of KO KO KORINA & avail 15% OFF on Monster Shakes. 😎

Gepostet von Cafe Liquiteria am Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2018

Cafe Liquiteria DARES its customers to listen to Coke Studio’s version of the song and promises a 15% discount on its famous monster shakes. THAT’S how bad the rendition is, folks.

Other restaurants went straight on savage…


Look at this one

Do you have the nerve to put up with Koko Korina for its entire 3 minutes and 52 seconds? Show up at our store, prove…

Gepostet von Dreams Pakistan am Montag, 22. Oktober 2018


Even fashion and accessories stores aren’t leaving any opportunity behind



The most controversial of all has been this restaurant in Karachi though

Their ad has garnered a lot of criticism because of customers saying they’re inviting bullying on Momina as a person and not just letting it be about the song, which has been declared universally as bad.

Of course, people will do anything to avail a good offer but many are not pleased because of how this may be becoming a bit too much now. Especially those establishment who’re directing their “trolling” at Momina seem to have garnered a bunch of criticism for directing bullies to her personally.

What do you think about these? If you know other establishments that are trolling this song let us know and we’ll add them in here.


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People Are Brutally Trolling Momina And Ahad For Ruining The Iconic “Ko Ko Korina” Song


Cover image via: Coke Studio

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