13 Times This Pakistani Model Made You Believe No Man Can Be More Beautiful Than Him

By Arslan Athar | 25 Oct, 2018

Aimal Khan is such a hot model, like OMG how!

We as Pakistani take quite a lot of pride in the fact that we were voted one of the sexiest nations by some really obscure and random website. Waisay, if you think about it, we have some really good looking people in this country, maybe that random website really did recognize something.

After all, we have people like Fawad Khan

Source: Hip In Pakistan

And Mahira Khan

Source: @mahirahkhan // Instagram

And countless others too

Source: tribune.com.pk

There’s one face among the crowd that you just can’t look away from. 

The man is none other than Pakistani model, Aimal Khan

Source: @aimalkhanofficial // Instagram

He’s gorgeous in every sense of the word

Source: @aimalkhanofficial // Instagram

Aimal is clearly well read

Well, he actually is. The man’s done his MBA from the Institute of Management Sciences and got into modeling soon after graduating.

Source: @aimalkhanoffiical // Instagram

Also can we please talk about his eyes

Source: @aimalkhanofficial // Instagram

Like, if you stare into them for a while, it’s like dunya ke saaray muslay theek hogaye 

Source: @aimalkhanofficial // Instagram

The man is a suave gentleman 

Source: @aimalkhanofficial // Instagram

And he also has a wild side…

Aimal was part of one of Pakistan’s sexiest photoshoots

Source: @aimalkhanofficial // Instagram

Aimal cleans up goOoOoOd

Source: @aimalkhanofficial // Instagram

*sigh* Now tell me? How can someone be more perfect? 

Source: @aimalkhanofficial // Instagram

He can be the king of your heart, if you let him 

Source: @aimalkhanofficial // Instagram

If you’re waiting for your Prince Charming, you don’t need to look any further

Source: @aimalkhanofficial // Instagram

‘Good Looks, Good Looks, aaaaaand Good Looks’ 

Source: @aimalkhanofficial // Instagram

All in all’ P E R F E C T I O N 

Source: @aimalkhanofficial // Instagram

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