This “Siyasi Bachi” Has Become A Viral YouTube Star In Pakistan But People Have Mixed Feelings About Her

By Sannia Bilal | 7 Sep, 2018

This siyasi bachi has become rather divisive for many Pakistanis on social media.

Anyone is capable of becoming an internet sensation and rightly so. When we look around, we find people who’re struggling to be extraordinary. We see new faces emerging on social media everyday trying to do something ‘out of the box’. Such is the case of this little “siyasi bachi’ whose video went viral recently after the Bakra Eid.


In the first video that went pretty viral she can be seen involved in a tirade with her mother over the fact that they had guests over and her brother was presented with Eidi and she wasn’t.


Shortly after the video was shared on social media, we noticed that this wasn’t her only episode of an outburst over a disagreement with her mother. In fact, Fatima has her own YouTube channel called ‘Mahzaidi’ which is updated time and again by her mother (we assume), with over 2 lac subscribers, at the time of publication.

Source: @Mahzaidi/ Youtube


The videos seem scripted and rehearsed, but the kid’s definitely got acting skills and confidence.


She generally portrays the image of an outspoken child who isn’t obliged to go by the rules.


Her usual tiffs with her mother are shown in the videos too.


And well..for her, money is life, apparently.


There are already a bunch of videos up on the channel.


While some people find the videos endearing, others aren’t completely on board, given the content matter.

The videos tend to have certain racist or offensive comments that kids need to avoid picking up on. The responsibility of this falls on the parents’ shoulders, undoubtedly. Consequently, people have raised concerns over feeding an impressionable mind such lines for the sake of content.


Khair, people have mixed feelings, like we said. Some have a good laugh.

Source: @Mahzaidi/ YouTube


Others think she is cute and deserves to be appreciated.


Source: @Mahzaidi/YouTube


Source: @Mahzaidi/YouTube


Source: @Mahzaidi/YouTube


Source: @Mahzaidi/YouTube

While some think that the child is being spoiled for a number of likes.


Source: @Mahzaidi/YouTube


Source: @Mahzaidi/YouTube


Some also believe that Fatima’s aptitude is being used for the wrong reasons.

Source: @Mahzaidi/YouTube


But then, many others have come to her defense.


Source: @Mahzaidi/YouTube


Source: @Mahzaidi/YouTube

Fatima is among a list of child “influencers” who seem to be attracting people because of their sassy, witty, adult-like demeanor in their videos

One of the most popular child YouTube sensations is Mila Stauffer whose popularity came from videos pretty similar to Fatima. Mila’s account is run by her mother, Katie Stauffer. Mila’s videos have generated a response pretty similar to Fatima’s.

Source: Katie Stauffer / YouTube

Among the criticism, the most pressing concern that seems to be cropping up is about how much of the child’s safety, mental health and person are the parents sacrificing for viral fame. Also, who does this virality benefit, ultimately? The narrative for these children appears to be controlled by their parents but the trolling, social media hatred, criticism and sometimes even some creepy commentary is directed toward the child.

Questions about ethics on the parents’ part aside, as consumers of these videos, do people also need to take responsibility over the content they consume? Because social media content can’t be policed the exact way television can, for example, because of its very nature, it does seem like onus lies on the consumer to be mindful of what they consume before they start hurling abuse toward the content creators.

After all, some say that show business is all about the audience and the content creators will keep on making the kind of content their audience keeps coming back to them for.


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