The Innocent “Johny Johny” Nursery Rhyme Has Turned Into A Fucked Up Meme That Will Haunt You Forever

By Rameeza Ahmad | 30 Aug, 2018

Take a second and think back to your childhood for a few seconds. Remember your favorite nursery rhyme that you sang with your parents, your friends and class fellows? The one about Johnny sneakily eating some sugar and then sharing a lighthearted moment with his father when he was caught. How sweet.

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Now let us completely ruin that memory for you.

A YouTube channel by the name of Billion Surprise Toys makes animated videos for children. Most of these videos feature popular nursery rhymes. And for some odd reason, they decided to make SEVERAL videos just on the ‘Johny Johny’ nursery rhyme. The extended version is just insane.

Source: BillionSurpriseToys Nursery Rhyme & Kids Songs Via YouTube

The entire family is shamed by each other for eating. The internet is truly a weird and scary place.

And people are now obsessed with these videos. And these are adult people we are talking about, not children for whom these videos were intended.

Jus Reign who is a popular YouTuber made a hilarious video of his reaction to the video.

The meme is being called ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’ and people all over the world are heavily involved at this point.

It’s being referred to as the meme which has united the internet.


An account by the name of @YesPapaNoSugar has popped up on Twitter giving us a hilarious insight into the mind of Papa from the original videos.

A lot of people are just straight up concerned about Johny.

And some people are intellectualizing the entire thing

And uh… there are some people who are kinda into ‘Papa.’

This whole thing is just fucked up. Who could have imagined that this innocuous nursery rhyme would not only take over the internet but… create so much interest in an audience which it was not even intended for!

Watch the whole extended version here!

What do you think about this entire Johny Johny video and resulting memes? Let us know in the comments!

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