Altaf Hussain Just Tried To Flirt With An Indian TV Host And It's Giving Me Nightmares

By Maryam Khalid | 23 Nov, 2019

Altaf Hussain trying to flirt is the stuff of nightmares

The founder of MQM, Altaf Hussain has been all over the news lately. Since being charged over speeches he’s made that have incited violence, by courts in the UK, Altaf bhai has been trying his best to what can only be described as run away somewhere else.


As a desperate attempt to find attention Altaf Hussain pleaded Modi to grant him asylum in India

Exiled and banned in Pakistan and also on the verge of being jailed in the UK, was India really the best option?


Seeing his antics, Indian TV shows have been inviting Altaf on their shows and he’s bringing his complete dramatic skills

Recently ABP news invited Altaf Hussain in a live show hosted by an Indian TV show host Rubika Liaquat. Seeing as he probably couldn’t resist charming the beautiful lady, Altaf Bhai  tried to flirt with the host live on Indian national television!

During the show he broke down the ABP channel’s name and tries to rhyme it with the host’s name. Rubika laughs nervously. I am guessing, on the absurdity of the situation.

Source: ABP News/ Youtube


So, Altaf Hussain saw that his flirt tactics made the girl laugh (which was probably more about his being funny than charming, for her) so he just went ON

He then tried to explore the hidden meaning of ”love” in the abbreviated ABP. Yes, the channel’s name!

A for Abbu. B for Baapu. P for Pappu.



People absolutely didn’t see this coming


They are applauding Altaf Hussain for his flirt game


People are also calling him Colonel Altaf Hussain after his flirt attack on Indian TV

After Major Adnan Sami, people are joking that Altaf Hussain is our next soldier to distract India with silly antics.


There are jokes that seeing Altaf Hussain flirt is like having a secret “strike” on Indian TV


If you really have the stomach to watch Altaf Hussain flirt and display a whole lot more insanity you can watch the entire show here:

Pakistan has surely initiated a psychological strike on India by sending Altaf Hussain from Pakistani TV channels to Indian ones. With humor like this, Altaf is surely going to bag a comedy show in India, if not the asylum.


People Can’t Handle How Altaf Hussain Was Invited On TV In India After He Requested For Asylum

Altaf Bhai Just Broken All Gender Roles With His New Role In The Kitchen And People Are Loving It


Cover image via ABP News / YouTube

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