13 Reasons Why Bushra Maneka Was The Most Searched Person In Pakistan For 2018

By Rameeza Ahmad | 13 Dec, 2018

Bushra Maneka and Reham Khan both made it to the top five while Imran Khan was nowhere. Iconic.

You probably already know who Bushra Maneka is. Of course you do, otherwise why else would she be the most searched person in Pakistan this year? Bushra Maneka happens to be the third and current wife of now, Prime Minister Imran Khan. There has been a lot of talk about her, both for and against, so let’s dive into why exactly she was the most searched person in the country because man, she’s been busy.

1. Imran Khan Proposed To Her

Source: Facebook / Irfan Ahson

Rumors about Imran Khan’s third marriage were rife and he put them to rest by admitting that he had indeed sent a proposal but had not heard back yet. People on the internet had a field day with this announcement.

You can read more about it here.

2. Imran Khan Put A Ring On It

Source: @PTIOfficial / Twitter

All of Imran Khan’s wives have been under the microscope. And when he tied the knot with Bushra Maneka, people wanted to know more about the lady who had won Imran Khan’s favor. And since this was not the first marriage for either of them, people had a lot to say.

You can read more about it here. 

3. Reham Khan Was  A Little Jealous

Source: images.dawn.com

After the news of Bushra Maneka’s marriage to Imran Khan had been confirmed, Reham Khan was not all too happy and took to Twitter to voice her thoughts. She believed Bushra bibi’s purdah was an attempt by PTI to get the right-wing vote by presenting as ‘religious’.

You can read more about it here. 

4. People Thought She Was A Witch

Source: urdupoint.com/@sheikhsafina via Twitter.com

Unlike her high profile husband, there wasn’t a lot people knew about Bushra Maneka except that she observed strict purdah and help people with spiritual problems. And for that reason people started assuming that Bushra is a witch.

You can read more about this here.

5. Fake Pictures Of Her Face Were Circulated

Source: urdupoint.com

People were foaming at the mouth for a look at Bushra Maneka. But all the pictures of her available had her face covered so a picture what people claimed was Bushra Maneka started circulating. It was found later on, that the picture was actually of a PML-N MNA’s wife. Oops.

You can read more about it here. 

6. Pictures Of Her Face Finally Came Out

Source: globalvillagespace.com

The First Lady is a strictly observes niqab so a lot of people were curious to see what she looked like. So when pictures of her uncovered face came around, they caused quite the stir. And this time they were real since she was sitting next to her husband in them.

You can read more about her pictures here. 

7. The Indian Media Got Obsessed With Her

Source: FM News

The Indian media made some claims about the Pakistani First Lady which were pretty out there. They talked about how she has jinns in her control and feed them raw meat and what not. And the expert the media was consulting on all of this was Tarek Fateh, major LOL.

You can read more about this here. 

8. She Gave Her First Interview

Source: Hum News via YoutTube.com

This was a candid look into the First Lady’s life and personality. While it was a clear attempt to make her seem more relatable and likable to the public, it did somewhat work since people generally liked the interview.

You can read more about the interview here. 

9. She And Imran Khan Redefined Couple Goals

Source: IVAMagazinePakistan Via Instagram

A video of the couple praying together went viral as people called it #Couple Goals. Because a couple that prays together stays together!

You can read about it here. 

10. Her Ex-Husband Gave An Interview

Source: tns.world

Like most divorced couples in Pakistan, Bushra Maneka does not share a bitter relationship with her ex-husband. Shocking, I know. But the two hold high regard for one another to this day since her ex gave an interview in which he had nothing but good things to say about both her and her husband, Imran Khan.

You can read more about it here. 

11. Her Ex-Husband Got Into Trouble

Source: @arsched via Twitter.com/Daily Times

Soon after the interview, Khawar Maneka; Bushra’s ex-husband got himself into quite the mess with Punjab Police. He was allegedly speeding his vehicle and did not stop at a check-point and behaved rather badly with the police once they had caught up to him and stopped. Later on, he had the DPO who stopped him transferred from his position which a lot of people called abuse of power.

You can read more about it here. 

12. She Visited An Orphanage

Source: Urdupoint.com

After Imran Khan officially took office, the First Lady’s first public appearance happened to be a day she spent at an orphanage. She spent time with the kids and had lunch with them. It was truly heartwarming.

You can read more about it here. 

13. Rumors Of Nepotism Regarding Bushra Maneka’s Daughter

Source: Express Tribune/@mussaratahmadzeb via Twitter.com

In October, rumors of Bushra Maneka’s daughter Mehru Hayat, being appointed on an official position in the government with an exorbitant 7 lacs per month salary began to spread. But Information Minister, Chaudhry Fawad came to clear the air and dismissed all such rumors.

You can read more about it here. 

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