Bushra Maneka Is Being Called A Witch And Honestly It's Getting A Little Out Of Hand Now

By Rameeza Ahmad | 1 Jul, 2018

None of Imran Khan’s wives (current or ex) are ever spared from criticism. Whether it’s criticism of their religion, their past or their choice of clothing; everyone has an opinion.

Bushra Maneka, Imran Khan’s current wife, is no exception to being at the receiving end of criticism by virtue of association with the man, either

The fact that their relationship is much more private than Imran’s previous ones just adds more to people’s unnecessary curiosity.

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The entire mystery regarding their relationship has only fueled the fire. And a lot of people have their own theories about the relationship.

And once, the marriage was made public, of course, people wanted to know more about the politician’s new wife.

And while all of the speculations are somewhat warranted because of the fact that both these people are public figures.


What isn’t very cool is the hate that Bushra Maneka seems to be getting over her choice of dressing.

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What someone wears is a personal choice and should not at all be the reason they are criticized

Earlier there were jokes how the situation of her life resembled the popular TV show “Game of Thrones” and everyone chuckled because it was funny


But now, it’s getting out of hand


Not only have people really taken an issue with Bushra Maneka’s conservative sense of dressing


They’ve even gone on to equate her to being a witch



They’re using the recent Sajda” controversy to be something that she was the source of

Women being blamed for the actions of the men in their lives is certainly not a new phenomenon, it’s always easy to blame the woman because she’s supposedly an easy target and, of course, the South Asian myth that all “honor” lies within the women of the family almost always draw every action to being originated by women.

Centuries of this behavior have led to women being mercilessly beaten, ostracized, criticized and honor killed over little things they probably had no control over. Political affiliations aside, being ruthlessly negative toward the women is a dangerous slippery slope.


While it is important to have political opinions, one needs to know where to draw the line.

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Bushra Maneka’s attire should not come under fire because her husband is a public figure or even her own political aspirations.

We need to be more accepting and realize our view of the world is not the only one out there.


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