Pakistanis, These Are The People You Googled The Most In 2018

By Maliha Khan | 13 Dec, 2018

Every year, Google releases its Year In Search to show what people in every country are searching for (it would be interesting to also find out what people search for most while using a VPN or on incognito mode¬†ūüėą). This year, owing to the elections, it’s very apparent that searches were very much driven by the political climate in Pakistan, more so than the list from 2016 and 2017¬†where we saw celebrities and musicians dominate the lists.

1. Bushra Maneka


While Imran Khan may have won the election, Bushra Manika dominated people’s interest. It’s been a roller coaster of a year with so many headlines dedicated to her, whether it had to do with her marriage with Imran Khan,¬†her first ever interview, the whole Reham Khan fiasco, or the plethora of other conversations she was a part of. I’m sure she’s one person who’s happy the year is coming to an end.

2. Meghan Markle


This girl has shaken the world up. The first woman of African-America descent to become a part of the British royalty is no easy feat. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, got married to the younger son of Prince Charles and is the sixth in line for the British throne. In October, they announced they were expecting a baby and we all know how much people like to hear about someone else having a baby.

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3. Meesha Shafi


She is one of the bravest people we have seen this year, Meesha has earned our utmost respect. She came out with a very powerful and jaw-dropping story this year and we can’t thank her enough for getting the #MeToo movement rolling in Pakistan. Many women have faced their demons and shared their encounters because people like Meesha Shafi had the courage to.

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4. Reham Khan

It makes a lot of sense for her name to be on her list because for the longest time every day we would wake up to a new controversy Reham had created via her book, Twitter, interviews, and other outlets. Say what you may, she gave everyone a lot of excitement and anxiety.

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5. Sylvester Stallone


With the release of his new movie, Creed, this year it makes sense for Sylvester Stallone to be on this list.  The famous Rocky character was his claim to fame back in 1976 and his legacy as Rocky Balboa continues. Other than the Rocky movies, Stallone has played a number of characters in Hollywood as well as directed produced numerous movies.

6. Sonali Bendre


Our beloved Preeti Bhabhi from Hum Saath Saath Hain brought her fans to tears when she revealed she was suffering from high-grade cancer. She has been making the best of the horrible situation and has been updating her fans via her social media accounts. Here at MangoBaaz we hope she makes a quick and successful recovery.

7. Atif Mian


He is a Pakistani-American economist who is the first Pakistani to have been ranked in the world’s top 25 youngest economists. There’s a chance that he will go on to win a Nobel Prize, and yet he was removed from the Economic Advisory Council because certain groups in Pakistan couldn’t handle him being Ahmadi. Him being on the list should serve as a reminder to us all about how intolerance led to the expulsion of one of the most brilliant minds from Pakistan.

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8. Hanif Abbasi


This Pakistani has been in Pakistani politics for a while and has been a part of PML-N party since 2008. Recently, Abbasi was arrested and put into jail for being involved in the misuse of a certain ingredient in medication.  Abbasi was found guilty and remains in jail.

9. Iqra Aziz


This pretty woman has taken the Pakistani drama world by complete surprise. As someone who is as young as 21, ¬†Iqra has already carved a name for herself as well shown off her skills as an actress. Her claim to fame became the much coveted ramazan soap, Suno Chanda and she was also recently featured in one of Asim Azhar’s music videos.

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10. Sunny Leone

Whether in India or Pakistan, Sunny Leone always seems to make it into one of these “most-searched” lists somehow. It is pretty self-explanatory why most people look her up hehehe.

What do you think of this year’s top searched people in Pakistan? Is there anyone you thought would be on the list but didn’t make it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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