People Cannot Believe Iqra Aziz's Surprising Transformation

By Iman Zia | 23 Jun, 2018

Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz, best known these days as Jia on recently finished and highly acclaimed drama ‘Suno Chanda’ is toplining the spotlight these days.


Iqra and co-star Farhan Saeed are all really anyone can talk about these days, after their fiery chemistry on the show

Source: @iqraaziz/Instagram


Iqra Aziz has struck gold with overnight fame – yes she was a well-known face within the drama realm, but it was ‘Suno Chanda’ that catapulted her onto a whole new level

Source: @iqraaziz/Instagram


Source: @iqraaziz/Instagram


Twitter user @xxohsocoldxx posted a picture of the Pakistani actress in her younger years and compared it with a more recent photo

The user is implying that Iqra has not had a natural transformation and that the actress has instead used her wealth (hence, the insinuation that she isn’t ‘poor’) to alter herself.


Other users responded to the joke with their own jokes




Some didn’t appreciate the dig at the actress and asked what the point was for this




…With a few in dismay that Iqra’s skin color was being mocked




Some took this moment to joke around, albeit in a rather distasteful manner against the actress’s skin color, suggesting that they’d still want to be with the actress despite all this

…using a song lyric as a hint.


Many agreed with the user’s statement, that it really is all about money




An online Instagram Pakistani Entertainment page picked this tweet up and condemned it strongly for ‘girls bring[ing] other girls down’

Source: @nishsays/Instagram


Many agreed with the Insta post, denouncing the tweet as derogatory and hurtful

Source: @nishsays/Instagram


Source: @nishsays/Instagram


Source: @nishsays/Instagram


Source: @nishsays/Instagram


Source: @nishsays/Instagram


What are your thoughts on the comments made about Iqra’s transformation?


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