Here's Why The Latest Episode Of “Suno Chanda” Was Literally The BEST ONE YET

By Iman Zia | 12 Jun, 2018

“Mera problem toh muhabbat hai, woh bhi tumse, ab kya karoon?”

‘Suno Chanda’ is unfortunately soon drawing veil over itself once Eid is over, and I have no idea what to do with my life once it’s over. Anyhoo, yesterday’s episode was LEGIT THE MOST ANTICIPATED ONE yet for all us fans, because there was a major development; and by major I mean FREAKING MAJOR.

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So thank the good lord that Jia now has FINALLY realized that she’s in love with Arsal, so we can all finally breathe

She just can’t admit it, and with Arsal’s mixed messages, she keeps thinking he’s playing her and he’s not really in love with her (despite him making it very obvious and declaring it time and time again). Arsal’s just teasing her for a little badla which we think he’s all entitled too – but obviously not too much because she’s very stubborn and a wee bit immature.

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The scene that set my dil on fire and melted my already besotted soul was when Jia was all dressed up to show up to the rishta wale, and Arsal orders her to take off her lipstick and earrings

Despite her usual stubbornness, it’s far less profound, and despite a little fight she obliges (because she’s in love too) *sighs for eternity*…these two are perfect for each other, so perfect it hurts. Sherry (god bless him) suggests Arsal give the potential rishta wale his and Jia’s wedding card. Jia says nothing, and in fact, raises one eyebrow, almost agreeing that it’s quite the diabolical plot.

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A confident Arsal, who was merely trembling before proudly sits on the sofa, waiting for it all to play out – with the naughty little look all over his face

He’s going to do it, what with him fanning the card in his hand, waiting for the opportune moment. So, when the rishta party is left alone, a very cocky (and hot AF) Arsal walks into the room, and introduces him as Jia’s husband, and gives them their shaadi card with the most delinquent smile on his face as he does so.

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Jia’s desperate at this point, what with Arsal’s mixed signals and has no clue what to do – she doesn’t want to divorce Arsal and is too blind to fathom Arsal’s feelings for her

She calls her bestie Huma and asks her what to do. Huma’s clear; she says to go to him right now and declare her love for him. Jia keeps insisting she can’t because he’ll make fun of her, but Huma manages to persuade her and dilute her obdurate nature.

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Jia and Arsal meet in the garden, and Jia’s her usual self – beating around the bush and accusing Arsal that he’s toying with her

He’s blunt and angrily asks her “kab akal aaye gi Jia” before standing his ground and admitting that he knows of the conversation she had with Huma (all thanks to cutie pie DJ). He sends her the video via phone and then walks off while Jia has a proper panic attack. He knew all along, and honestly, standing ovation to his patience for not blurting it out sooner, rather waiting for the right moment.

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It’s sehri time, and it’s all fun and games now from here on (the good, lovey-dovey kind) – Arsal doesn’t want a paratha, he wants an omelet that he knows Jia’s made and will give it to him

…And in an incredibly endearing moment, while Arsal’s mother is busy cooking away, Jia places the plate of omelet in front of Arsal, before walking out with a slight smile. Her face is completely different, even though we only get to catch a side glimpse; it’s the face of someone entirely and absolutely in love.

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And let’s not forget Arsal’s smile…ah that smile…

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I had a simper on my face the entire time – what a fantastic episode. Bravo, I say!

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What are your thoughts on last night’s episode?


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