This Girl's Rant Will Seriously Make You Rethink Your Love For “Suno Chanda”

By Iman Zia | 21 Jun, 2018

Suno Chanda’ instantly toplined ratings, raking in audiences throughout Ramazan with its daily post-iftaar slot. The drama’s comical premise is a joint family household with an ensemble cast of veterans like Samina Ahmad, Mohammad Ahmed, Adnan Shah Tipu, Farhan Ali Agha among others. The kernel houses two characters, Arsal (Farhan Saeed) and Jia (Iqra Aziz) who are forced into an arranged marriage by their elders. We’re pretty big fans of recent drama too ‘Suno Chanda,’ just check our ‘Suno Chanda’ hashtag here and you’ll see. The drama was very well received by audiences, however, not all have taken to it, like Habiba Asim who took to Facebook to tackle the show head-on.


Habiba Asim took to Facebook denouncing the show as nothing more than a misleading and regressive storyline through fourteen points that she forged ahead as reasons why one shouldn’t watch the drama

She starts the post warding off “Suno Chanda lovers” and tells them to “stay away” before she dives into her rant (justified undoubtedly – everyone is entitled to their own opinion). She said it had a “shitty storyline” and asserted that the serial “made no sense” and was not “humorous” at all, but more so one intoxicated by glorifying negative elements that plague our society.

Source: MD Productions


The show, according to Habiba is wrong to dictate that it’s okay to be forced into a nikkah because it’s what the elders of the household want

‘Suno Chanda’ misled audiences as they allegedly made it seem that forced arranged marriages are perfectly alright, and the boy and girl involved have no say because they cannot disrespect their elders by going against what they wish or deem fit.

Source: MD Productions


She also states how ‘Suno Chanda’ wrongly suggests that it’s perfectly fine to be “submissive to your husband’s demands even if you’re not happy with your nikkah”

Jia was constantly told off by her parents when she was initially engaged to Arsal and warned to obey him and not neglect him in the slightest, even if her heart wasn’t in it.

Source: MD Productions


Habiba mentions how the drama made it seem like it was alright to “use any language and the highest pitch you have” when talking because it makes no difference if you’re living in a joint family

The drama’s two protagonists, Arsal and Jia constantly bicker with one another, hurling verbal abuse and screaming at the top of their lungs that Habiba points out as wrong to elevate.

Source: MD Productions


DJ, the youngest of the family, is seen secretly recording videos of various family members with which he then uses to blackmail them

Habiba said that the show doesn’t address this problem, instead play into it as all characters begin to hatch their own plans to get a hand on the video they require for their personal benefit.

Source: MD Productions


The show has characters repeatedly slapped on numerous occasions, something Habiba identifies is incorrect to preach as justifiable

Arsal is often slapped, as is Jia, that too “in front of everyone,” before Habiba states that the drama goes on to exalt that ‘it’s okay to fight and argue” rather than “sit and talk.”

Source: MD Productions


Habiba argued that the show was neither “sensible” nor “a good laugh” and found it very hard to find something “positive” from it

Habiba expressed how the “media” is very powerful and how it has the authority to influence the younger generations,’ condemning the drama for its “shitty portrayal of desi families” before ending the note on how Pakistan doesn’t “such mindsets to develop.”


Read her full post below

Source: Habiba Asim/Facebook


Source: Habiba Asim/Facebook


Do you agree with the statements made? Did you enjoy ‘Suno Chanda?’


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