Iqra Aziz And Farhan Saeed's New Ramazan Drama Is Getting A Lot Of Attention, But Is It Worth It?

By Iman Zia | 23 May, 2018

I’ll be honest, the thought of a special Ramazan show to be aired daily had me a bit iffy. I immediately drew conclusions that it would be a lucid attempt to distract audiences, poorly written and drag-esque. I decided to watch ‘Suno Chanda’ primarily because I was intrigued by Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz’s jodi. It’s the first time they’d be on-screen, and I wasn’t really sure how I felt about them.

Regardless, I was late hopping on the bandwagon and binge-watched the first four episodes, now, at last, caught up with the recent seventh. Starring Jiya (Iqra) and Arsal (Farhan), the drama revolves around a vibrant joint family, who are all intermingled and heavily involved in each others’ lives, which serves as both an incredibly comical and heartwarming catharsis.


And in all honesty, I FREAKING LOVE IT!

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Jiya and Arsal have been forcefully coerced into getting married by their grandfather who passed away. They despise each other, and it’s this very premise that is one of the many reasons why I’ve taken to ‘Suno Chanda’ so much. All their interactions are laugh-out-loud hilarious, and their pranks on each other to try and gnaw themselves out of this marriage is rib-tickling.

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They aren’t the only pillar of this drama. The dynamics between their parents, their grandmother and everyone else within the house is laudable. Within seven episodes it’s remarkable how so many characters have been given such distinct personalities, all with varying comical traits. And the most delightful part of it all? The fact that they’ve got stories of their own is lovely, for example Bi jaan (the head of the family after her husband passes) refuses to invite her brother-in-law (Agha ji) to the wedding, and we find out it’s because they were both romantically involved at one point (before he allegedly pushed his brother to her for marriage). The drama is dappled in sweet gestures, where Agha ji gifts her some bangles (and oddly enough, I’ve come to adore their relationship the most).

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The fifth episode took a turn for the worst when Arsal and Jia reached the peak of their fight when he leaves Jia on the street, and she doesn’t return home. ‘Suno Chanda’ hasn’t been this somber before, but we see Arsal genuinely worried, with every family member trembling in fear as to what happened to their laadli. She gets home safe, and their marriage is put to a halt (much to the merriment of both Arsal and Jia). There is plenty of nostalgia in the drama, which is what subconsciously keeps you so suddenly attached to these characters, without so much as a thought. Potential romances might evolve, with Agha Ji’s son showing interest in Kinza (a soft and humble girl), who in turn is secretly in love with Arsal. The drama never fails to stay realistic, in all aspects, be it the humorous undertone or the more solemn climaxes.

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It’s not just comedy. It’s not mindless either. It’s the kind of drama that does have it’s more serious and very fitting, heartwarming moments, giving this particular comical show a heart. The stellar cast has a bundle of veterans from the drama realm, with venerated actors like Samina Ahmed, Syed Muhammed Ahmed, and Farhan Ali Agha among others. The dialogues are slapstick chucklesome and have been very well written. It isn’t easy to craft out a family drama with so much going on, yet it’s so well structured, there’s no room for a viewer to feel confused.

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You’re drawn to the love family members have for one another; it’s overbearing, but in the loveliest way. I’m already addicted and anticipate a new episode after iftaari. So, is it worth it? Oh HELL YES!

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