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Pakistan, These Are The People You Googled The Most In 2016

Pakistan, These Are The People You Googled The Most In 2016

The most Googled people in Pakistan includes a list of names that have been relevant throughout the year. These celebrities have been the center of conversation, and been in the news, for various reasons. From Amjad Sabri’s untimely tragic death to Momina Mustehsan’s meteoric rise from the Coke Studio season 9, all of these people have dominated public attention, and Google searches, it now seems.


Here’s a list of all the celebrities who Pakistanis most googled:


1. Qandeel Baloch

With her videos Qandeel made quite a bit of noise in the country, attracting a lot of hatred for her lack if inhibitions. Sadly, her life was cut short because of a twisted concept of men’s “honor” lying with what women choose to do with their lives.

Source: Qandeel Baloch Official


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2. Amjad Sabri

Another life that was cut short, Amjad Sabri was brutally shot dead on the streets of Karachi. Countless tributes later, the void left behind for his young children and family, won’t be filled.



3. Abdul Sattar Edhi

The richest poor man in the world also passed away in 2016 (doesn’t this list of “most Googled” people seem like a look at those we lost this year?).



4. Donald Trump

The new President of the United States and proclaimed as the “leader of the free world”, in his home country, Donald Trump also made it to the list of most Googled people in Pakistan.



5. Momina Mustehsan

Don’t feel like we, MominaBaaz, need to say anything about this one other than: “guilty, and proudly so.”


6. Mumtaz Qadri



7. Pratyusha Banerjee

This 24 year old Indian TV actress committed suicide earlier this year.



8. Hillary Clinton

The much-beloved in Pakistan politician may have gone out of public eye following her defeat to Donald Trump in the elections for US Presidency but she cemented her position in Pakistani searches on Google.

Source: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images


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9. Melania Trump

For reasons best kept to those searches, the new US First Lady also made the list.



10. DJ Bravo

Champion… champion… champion…



So Pakistan, these are the people you searched for most on Google.


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