Bushra Maneka's Ex-Husband Is Involved In A Messy Police Case And Here's Everything We Know So Far

By Rameeza Ahmad | 27 Aug, 2018

Bushra Maneka’s ex-husband Khawar Maneka has been making the headlines quite a bit lately because of his semi-celebrity status for being the first lady’s first husband.

His latest feature in the headlines, however, is not for anything positive. In fact, it’s for something which you would think Khawar Maneka stood against, considering he is an ardent supporter of Naya Pakistan.

Khawar Maneka has been accused of abusing the police, trying to evade being stopped at a checkpoint.

According to reports, a few days ago, late at night Khawar Maneka was stopped at a check post by the police but instead of stopping he sped his vehicle up. Because of this, he was involved in a police chase, which ended in him abusing the police officers and facing no consequences for his actions.

Apart from not facing consequences for disobeying police orders, he might actually have complained about the DPO who stopped him at the check post in the first place. The DPO in question was the DPO for Pakpattan, officer Rizwan Gondal.

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar summoned the DPO to his office.

And apparently, officer Rizwan Gondal was asked to apologize to Khawar Maneka which he flat out refused to do.

And because he asked to be pardoned from having to apologize for doing his job, he was transferred to another police station.

And a lot of people seem to believe that this was done in order to punish him in a way. And according to people, this does not seem something which was meant to happen in ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Police officers are upset about the transfer as well, officer Farhan Khan tweeted about the entire debacle.

And when people started talking ill about his colleague, he warned people about what would happen now; people would villanize Rizwan Gondal to justify the actions that were taken.

A lot of people are talking about how the first lay Bushra Maneka might have had an influence on this entire incident.

What do you think about Khawar Maneka’s actions? Let us know in the comments.

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Cover Image Source: @arsched via Twitter.com/Daily Times

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