These Inspiring Pakistani Police Officers Are Changing People's Perception About The “Corrupt” Police Force

By Alveena Jadoon | 13 Aug, 2018

This is part of our annual, series, “14 Days, 14 Stories”, about ordinary Pakistanis who are doing extraordinary things. 


Being in the police force is probably the most thankless job in Pakistan because the non-availability of the funds makes it difficult for them to do their job, the population believes them to be corrupt but still they have to go day in and day out to do their job. A good example is that of the security situation in Karachi. One of the reasons why the local police were not able to deal with the situation was that no reforms would be introduced into the police force, there was no increase in funds to buy high-grade weapons and the criminals would be able to terrorize them due to better equipment.


A dilemma of Pakistani society is not trusting the institutions and maligning an entire setup based on the activities of a few people. This is why if a police officer actually does his/her job, the masses are surprised

This is exactly where these police officers come in. Two police officers, however, who are changing this perception that Pakistanis cannot trust the police force and that they actually do their job are Amna Baig and Farhan Khan.


Their presence was made known to every day Pakistanis by the use of Twitter – a platform which allows people from all spheres of life to connect. This was the perfect opportunities for both of them to connect with the people and let them know that they are also their everyday people trying to do the best in their capacity to help the people around them.


Their interaction on social media with people has helped improve the age-old notions about the police force and its lack of efficiency

“My aim is to change the perception of taboo attached to going to a police station, and every day I am trying to make it more accessible for people, especially women. Protection of life, liberty, and property is everyone’s fundamental right, and I am just working to ensure that”, Amna told MangoBaaz earlier.


They are also taking the initiative to create awareness regarding sexual assault and gender-based violence against women and children

Amna’s role is particularly important because our young girls don’t have a lot of powerful female role models to look up to and seeing women in such incredibly powerful roles like Amna’s is extremely inspiring. Her appointment in the police force and presence on social media makes her visible, this helps set the precedent that women can look beyond the set career options and decide what they want to do. This job is another job that women can perform and that will inspire many young girls.

“Recently a little girl asked me what I did for work and I told her I’m a police officer. She said that’s not possible, girls can’t be police officers. I want all the little girls to know that everything is possible for them!”


Farhan Khan has also become the favorite of many people in a short span of time. He regularly takes out the time to get in touch with people and answer whatever questions they have for him

He is originally from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and he takes the time out to show people that the police force actually performs its job and many lose their lives in the line of work too. He has certain causes that he himself feels very strongly about – one of them is caring for the children of the country who can be easily exploited and manipulated when they step out on the streets.

Since our independence day is just around the corner, Farhan also showed that he is just as passionate about this country as anyone else and loves the country dearly. And that is precisely why he chose to serve the people.

The best thing about Farhan, however, is the fact that he understands that the police force is not allowed to be in charge of moral policing anyone. They are only supposed to stop crimes as per law requires them to and what happens in people’s personal lives, if it is not jeopardizing lives, is their own personal choice.

This is a very important lesson for the police force because there should be a clear boundary between a personal private and public life and how much they can intervene.

Amna and Farhan are changing the mindsets with their availability and passion for work. A population that deems the police force useless needs to realize that there are many putting in a lot of effort to do their job.



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