31 Of The Funniest Tweets Of 2018 From Desi Twitter That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor

By Rameeza Ahmad | 11 Dec, 2018

Twitter is a pretty interesting place.

Twitter is a dark, dark place. It is not for the faint-hearted. And even though most people on Twitter claim to be sad, they tend to produce some really hilarious tweets. So we decided to compile some of the most hilarious ones for you. Without further ado, here are the FUNNIEST tweets that 2018 produced.

1. When Priyanka and Nick got inspired by Mr. and Mrs. Panther


2. When this macchar was auditioning for Waqar Zaka’s ‘Living On The Edge’


3. When Shireen Mazari came for our favorite Momina


4. I got nervous just reading this




6. Fancy restaurants be like


7. When the entire Muslim ummah is now fell in love with Khabib who defeated Connor McGregor


8. Me AF!


9. When you take ‘don’t open the door for strangers’ very seriously


10. I C O N I C line


11. Point mara hai boy ne


12. Oh damn


13. Everyone can relate. Everyone.


14. Remember when people believed this? LMAO


15. Feelin’ ~fancy~


16. Number 2 is what I sleep in


17. Hain jee?


18. Hey! Not all men!


19. Every Desi mom EVER.


20. Shots fired


21. Basically


22. Commitment check karein


23. Historically accurate


24. He’s an employed engineer, that should be enough


25. Just imagine someone woke up and did this


26. Happens once every Eid


27. The most Pakistani Pakistani of all time




29. Ahh, the song of my childhood


30. Bechari aunty!


31. Umm, YOLO?



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Cover image source: @yaindmachine via Twitter.com

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