Mr. And Mrs. Aamir Liaquat Are Back On A Morning Show And Revealed More About Why She Calls Him A ‘Panther'

By Iman Zia | 11 Dec, 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Panther were back on another morning show after THAT interview with Faysal Qureshi a few days ago that broke the internet. Aamir Liaquat and wife Syeda Tuba appeared on the ‘Subah Saverey Samaa Kay Saath’ with Sanam Baloch, where they opened up about their marriage and addressed their previous interview and certain trolling pertaining to them.


The couple was introduced by Sanam Baloch as best friends first and foremost before she jokingly asked Tuba to take her side in the interview in case Aamir teased her

Tuba responded and said, “mein sab se pehle apne shohar ke saath hoon.” They then briefly discussed the false rumors that surfaced on social media regarding Sanam Baloch and Aamir Liaquat’s relationship, and how ridiculous it was.

Source: Samaa TV

Sanam asked them what their age difference was to which he responded “aap aise samjhen jaise bilkul waise hai jaise saheli ki saheli ke saath hota hai”. Mr. Panther said that you can’t put age in a cage. Tuba also agreed and said age is just a number.


Tuba was questioned about her famous nickname for Aamir – ‘Panther’ – to which she further elaborated, calling herself an ‘animal lover’

She said that he’s so quick, and has such speed as she referred to his 33-hour transmission during Ramazan without a break; she was shocked he could do that. We also finally found out what Aamir calls Tuba out of love…jaami. Tuba admitted to also calling him jaami out of love apart from ‘panther.’

Source: Samaa TV

Sanam praised Aamir for giving equal respect to both his wives and said that he takes care of both households contrary to what people assume.

“Yeh log hain joh doh gharon mein jhagra karate hain” was his response (we see you Aamir LOL). He said that it’s the media that has been trying to break both homes. Sanam then asked him about the tweets the couple exchanged and asked if they don’t usually say hello to each other.


Tuba shared that she used to work with him on his Ramazan transmission, and after the recording of the show finished, he got down on one knee and proposed with a rose

She said yes and when asked about whether they wanted a son or daughter, Aamir said he prays for a daughter. He said that his life changed when Tuba entered his life and that she’s his best friend for life. Aamir revealed he didn’t have enough money to give Tuba a gift for their wedding, because he doesn’t have money – he jokingly asked the awaam for money.

They had a small, intimate wedding, and because he loves gadgets so much, he bought her a ‘go-pro’.

Source: Samaa TV

BUT, he did say that if he found another best friend, then he’d marry her too (since four are allowed)…

Tuba didn’t respond to that but did say that he’s always been very understanding, and that’s what spurred their closeness when she worked under him five years ago.


Aamir revealed he wanted Tuba to get into dramas and plays aka the entertainment industry

He complimented her voice, to which Sanam agreed and said she could also be a host. Sanam asked her whether or not Aamir restricts her from such work, to which he firmly denied it – he said he trusts her and that she can do whatever she wants. The Panthers also wish to star on Netflix together.

Oh, and he made her soup again the night before the interview.

Source: Samaa TV


Here’s the full interview


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