Amir Liaquat's Daughter And First Wife Are Throwing Major Shade On Twitter After His Recent Wedding

By Biya Haq | 19 Nov, 2018

Oh Amir, why are you like this?

Aamir Liaquat has literally always been the talk of the town. In a bad way. Literally always in a bad way.

Source: Journalism Pakistan


Everything from being banned off of his own show to being banned off of Facebook, Aamir legitimately has no chill. And in lieu of his recent wedding to his new bride, Aamir’s family members have been throwing in their two cents on Twitter on the man and his recent actions.

Source: All Pakistan Drama Page / Facebook

Duaa Aamir, his daughter, tweeted her feelings about her father’s new marriage and it was pretty painful to read.

Of course, it must have been much harder to actually write the words.

Subsequently, his wife also shared her true feelings towards the marriage on Twitter as well.

The tweets were not direct messages to Aamir, however, they were pretty obvious in alluding to the marriage.

Understandably, the two of them seem to be completely heartbroken.

In regards to the public, Aamir’s love life was pretty open for the world to see. He married Syeda Tooba Anwar in July, and the news of it broke earlier when a marriage certificate was leaked on social media. Recently, the images of his Valima went up on the Internet, hand in hand with #DeepVeer’s Lake Como shots.

Though the world found it entertaining, clearly, his family was absolutely devastated by it. And so were people on Twitter as well as supporters of his wife and daughter.

Dua received a ton of support.

As did her mother.

Have you seen the tweets? What do you think? Was Aamir right in his actions? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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