13 Times The Pakistani Entertainment Industry Disappointed Us In 2018

By Arslan Athar | 11 Dec, 2018

It’s no secret that the Pakistani Entertainment Industry is on the up and up. While there has been some crazy progress, there have been some disappointments along the way, be it either with plotlines, dialogues or with the actors and actresses themselves. Also, it should be noted, that we LOVE the Pakistani Entertainment Industry, but it’s always good to point out some missteps- it’s the only way to get better.


1. Muammar Rana tried to make a comeback with ‘Azaadi’  but to no avail.

Remember when at the end of last year Shaan had a massive meltdown over his movie being a flop? Thankfully his competitor didn’t do so publicly but he did try to make a “comeback”.

First off, the timing was bad. Eid releases have usually been pretty happy films, but this was quite the intense film. The film itself was quite intolerable, especially Mr. Rana’s acting..

Source: ARY Films


2. ‘Ishq Tamasha’s last episode

The reason I pick this is that it propagates certain really messed up ideas about love and marriage.

Source: Hum Network Limited


3. Along the same note, ‘Koi Chand Rakh‘ was also disappointing when it came to how they showed ‘love’. 

We generally liked the show, but again, they had some really messed up conceptions of love.

Source: iDream Entertainment


4. When ‘Romeo Weds Heer’ was a terrible return of Feroze Khan-Sana Javed’s iconic ‘Khaani‘ pairing

In Pakistan, we’ve had issues with comedy and comedy shows, but this show was just something else. The comedy was pretty bad and played off some outdated stereotypes.

Source: 7th Sky Entertainment


5. When our filmmakers released terrible movies…

The trailer looked pretty horrendous, to begin with. When the movie did actually come out, it opened to a pretty mellow audience. To top it off, film critics wrote this film off.

Source: Oriental Films


6. … after terrible movies

Can someone explain the film ‘Wajood’? 

Also, notice Javed Sheikh sahab is a common thread in both the films… hmmm

Source: Javed Sheikh Productions


7. When other filmmakers only ever release movies on Eid leaving us rest of the year waiting

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that we have so many films coming out, but having them all come out during ONE festival is just doing an injustice to the film industry. One film will win the Box Office, and the rest will lose out. We need to start releasing films during the year, phir logon ki aadat banay gi. 

Source: B4U Entertainment


8. ‘Aangan‘ took half a year to start

HUM really played us all on this one. First, they kept leaking photos to us, then came the teasers. After a whole 3/4th of the year, the show finally starts this week.

Source: @sajalaly / Instagram


9. ‘Khaani‘ was a pretty messed up show because it made fans fall for a villain

Okay tbh, that is a testament to Feroze Khan’s good acting and all but still it’s a disappointment. Half the time, people were confused as to what was happening and WHY!

Source: 7th Sky Entertainment


10. Coke Studio and the infamous ‘Ko Ko Korina‘ fiasco

The entire season was just one dissappointment after the next.

Source: Coke Studio


11. The drama ‘Alif’ caused a stir when there were rumors of Sanam Baloch being replaced by Kubra Khan

Source: Hum Network Limited


12. ‘Is Dil Ki Aisi Ki Taisi’ was a telefilm that just wasn’t meant to be.

Clearly, directors were trying to recreate that ‘Suno Chanda’ vibe but failed pretty bad.

Source: Hum Films


13. ‘Na Band Na Baraati’ was allowed to be screened across the country

The film was essentially about the same few things- marriage, family and some weird form of love.

Source: Hum Films


While there were some fails this year, there were many wins as well, let’s not forget that. More power to the film industry and here’s hoping it keeps growing.

13 Times Pakistani Entertainment Industry Terribly Disappointed Us In 2017

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Cover Photo Courtesy: Hum Network Limited / 7th Sky Entertainment 

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