“Khaani” Ended Last Night And People Have A Lot To Say About The Finale

By Arslan Athar | 3 Jul, 2018

Last night, ‘Khaani’ drew to a close in an emotional and tear-jerking final episode. There was loads of speculation about what end Mir Hadi would meet in the show.

Personally, I was swaying towards seeing him hang for his crimes! 

Thankfully our fans on Twitter agreed!

The show began with the overwhelming feeling of Khaani’s family forgiving Hadi. They keep up the rhetoric that muaafi is better than that suzza of having him die. Khaani’s mom tells her that Hadi’s mom came to her to plead for her son’s life and that she cannot live to see another mother go through the pain of losing a child.

Source: 7th Sky Entertainment // Youtube

All of these factors begin to weigh down on Khaani, who then had a very important decision to make. She finally chooses to accept her mother’s wishes. The family officially forgives him yet it remains to be seen whether or not the phansi will be stopped.

Source: 7th Sky Entertainment // Youtube

Meanwhile, Sitara Shah is seen on the cusp of getting her house demolished. She wants nothing to do with her wealth and her home, according to her, she has no reason to live any longer.

In their ‘last’ meeting Sitara proclaims that her ghuroor is broken because her son was her ghuroor and now he must face his own death.

Source: 7th Sky Entertainment // Youtube

This scene soon cuts to Hadi walking to his death, as he walks flashbacks between him and Khaani play in his mind. Just as he’s about to hang, it stops and he’s whisked away to meet Khaani. She reveals to him that his execution has been stopped and now he will live. This news devastates Hadi, because for him, zindagi zyaada bari suzza hai. 

Upon hearing Khaani say this, we were just like:

Fans had a lot to say 

There was general praise for the show 

Many appreciated the ending Hadi had in the show

Oh yes! This was quite an emotional episode 

Feroze Khan’s acting was appreciated 

Some people had controversial thoughts 

We also asked our followers how they felt now that Hadi wasn’t going to hang 

After the episode aired, Feroze Khan took to Twitter and set his sights HIGH

“Khaani” Just Took The Weirdest Turns Ever And Pakistanis Are Literally Done 

Fans Are Fighting Over What End Mir Hadi Deserves In ‘Khaani’s’ Last Episode


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