Bushra Maneka Visited An Orphanage And Pakistanis Can't Help But Love Her For It

By Ramsha Bhatti | 1 Sep, 2018

Bushra Maneka (or, now, Bushra Imran) – the first lady of Pakistan, has been under the public eye constantly for all the wrong and right reasons. From being called a witch, to being degraded for personal choices such as her apparel, Pakistanis have left no stone unturned in saying horrible things about her. She even received flak for her first public appearance.

source: techtimes.pk

Regardless of what others say, the First Lady has remained steadfast in her demeanor and that deserves A LOT of respect

The lady has been criticized through and through for attire. However, the First Lady hasn’t let any of that get to her and has continued to dress up and behave in a manner which resonates well with her and she is comfortable with.

Now, one move by the Bushra Maneka has managed to win many Pakistanis over. She made her first official public appearance as the First Lady of Pakistan and visited an orphanage.

source: Express Tribune

She not only visited the orphanage but decided to eat with the children there too

source: Express Tribune

The leading lady of Pakistan spending time with the young children is seriously heartwarming.

For a change, the decision has managed to gain positive remarks by the general public.

It is a nice gesture which does demand some recognition at least.

Also, a wise man once said

On the other hand, an altogether different controversy was taking a toll on twitter. 

I mean, it’s 2018 and she is free to decide what name she wants to use for her surname. But inhe kon samjhaye?

However, kuch log baaz nahi aarahe, and are still making fun of her.

Okay, not everyone is impressed and people are still saying mean things!


Regardless of what some say, there is no denying the fact that the decision to visit an orphanage and spend time with orphaned children was indeed a very heart-warming idea.

What do you think about the First Lady’s first every public appearance? Was it a good decision to visit an orphanage or should she have agreed upon something else? Let us know what you think about the matter.


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