Here's Everything First Lady, Bushra Maneka, Just Said In Her First Ever TV Interview

By Biya Haq | 27 Sep, 2018

The country heard Bushra Maneka for the first time today.


Friends, the day has come – our very own first lady, the woman in white, Bushra Maneka just sat down in a live interview with Nadeem Malik of HUM News.

Source: Hum News Live via YouTube

Miss Maneka sat down with Nadeem Malik of HUM News in her official first live interview.

Our first lady has always been the topic of interest to Pakistanis all over the world and now that she has finally decided to sit down in the spotlight, we thought we would let you know everything we found out in the HUM News broadcast.

Maneka was dressed in her signature all-white parda and was completely calm, cool and collected throughout the interview. And one of the first questions, of course, was around Imran Khan’s infamous dogs. (@Reham Khan.)

Source: Hum News Live via YouTube

Bushra revealed that though Imran may love the dogs, she is one of the people who look after him and take care of the loved ‘Motu,’ the most. As the direction turned to Imran, Malik asked Maneka about Imran’s clothing as well. Not a great set of questions to start within an interview with the First Lady but alrighty.

Bushra let Malik know that our very own Mr.Khan has a pretty limited wardrobe and even recalled a time when she went to help pack him for a trip to London. Khan was in possession of a total of 4 suits, all old, as well as a total of t-shirts packed for his journey. Oh and he doesn’t have any specific clothes for the summer btw, just in case you were wondering.

It was quite charming to have an eye full into the private life between Bushra and Imran, even if it was just about her relationship with the dog and what way Imran liked his chicken cooked. (Which is super simple, no extra spices or anything.)

She raved about his simple life, his simple personality and the fact that he wanted nothing more than to help his country and those less fortunate within it.

Source: Hum News Live via YouTube

She praised his abilities as Prime Minister and called him a leader that Pakistan should “feel so lucky to have.” She also stated that Allah has it written, that he (Imran) will free Pakistan. Not sure when, but it will happen.

Eventually, the conversation turned to Bushra and her own role as the first lady of Pakistan.

Bushra has been seen visiting a number of different communities, focusing on anything she can do to help those less fortunate around her. Maneka recalled one of her trips to a government old folks home, and said it was absolutely devastating, she wanted to take them all home or wanted to speak to the owners of the home and do whatever she could.

Maneka said, “I was in extreme depression when I came to Lahore, the first time in my life I finished praying Isha and I could not even sit on the Jaye Namaz because I felt as though I couldn’t give Allah an answer.”

However she did speak of one moment during one of her vists, she was walking down the hall and saw some people giggling.

They had recognized her because of her parda, To which Maneka said, “I am so happy that people recognize me by my parda.”

The interview ended with Bushra commenting on the fact that she had not been interested in giving any interviews initially when the news of her marriage came to surface. She laughed and stated that when one is in a time of distress and spotlight, it is easy for people to say certain things. However now that the First Lady has officially graced us with her virtual presence, it was a nice and refreshing take on the lady behind the veil, after all.

In regards to next steps, Maneka addressed Malik and asked him to help her in recognizing and searching for all the other areas and communities she could lend her hand in. The topic of the respect and protection of women in the workforce also came up in the last few moments of the show before the interview was ended.

Here’s hoping ‘Naya Pakistan’ will be making some strong strides in the months to come.

Did you see the whole interview? Watch the whole thing here and let us know what you think! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Hum News Live via YouTube

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