Journalist Tarek Fateh And An Indian Anchor Made Outrageous Claims About Bushra Maneka And Pakistanis Are Furious

By Mehwish A. W. | 28 Sep, 2018

Bushra Maneka, the First Lady of Pakistan, has been under the spotlight since the day news about Imran Khan marrying her surfaced. She has been under the eyes of the public constantly for all the right and wrong reasons. Be it mainstream media outlets or common Pakistanis, everybody churned out speculations and stories about her personality and character.

In short, Bushra Bibi has had a hard time getting acceptance in Pakistan and people ALWAYS have something to say about her.

She’s even degraded for her personal choices, such as the parda she sports.

Bushra Bibi
Source: Daily Times

However, regardless of what people say about her and the criticism she receives on her attire, she remains steadfast in her demeanor. In this short span of time that she has spent as the First Lady, she has won many Pakistanis over with her actions, such as the visit to an orphanage.

While Pakistanis have gradually begun to accept her as the First Lady, our fellows across the border have made her a target for mockery and insults. Tarek Fatah, a Pakistani-born Canadian author, and journalist targeted Bushra Maneka this time on an Indian channel.

Fateh called Bushra Maneka a black magician and alleged that she feeds gosht to jinns using her magical powers.

Source: FM News

He claims that everybody knows that she has jinns under her control who she talks to and who live in the walls of her house.

He also said that since nobody knows who is behind that veil, she may be somebody belonging to ISI who is hiding behind that attire and who will go missing like Osama Bin Laden. Moreover, nobody would know, since nobody has seen her.

While Tarek Fateh was making all those claims, the reaction of the anchor taking his interview was also quite disturbing.

He straight up asked Fateh if the ISI had sent a spy into Khan’s bedroom, to which Fateh agreed. The anchor also kept egging on Fateh for more information. Moreover, the sarcasm-laden “baap re baap” was also a bit much.

You can watch the highly strange clip here.

Seen such a LAUGH OUT LOUD comedy after such a long time. Tarek Fatah talks about how the first lady of Pakistan feeds…

Gepostet von Muneeb Qadir am Dienstag, 18. September 2018

The highly absurd stories and accusations did not sit well with many Pakistanis and set many ablaze. They couldn’t help themselves from sharing their thoughts:

People obviously were enraged with discussions on our First Lady’s life.

Bushra Bibi
Source: Muneeb Qadir/Facebook

Some even compared Fateh to Reham Khan

Bushra Bibi
Source: Muneeb Qadir/Facebook

Some people made comments about his religious inclinations. 

Source: Muneeb Qadir/Facebook

Others commented on the most absurd part of the interview.

Source: Muneeb Qadir/Facebook

Others thought both the men had no shame

Source: Muneeb Qadir/Facebook

At the end of the day, Bushra Maneka is a human being who doesn’t deserve the venom many people spew at her. What’s worse is that it’s swiftly spreading and there isn’t much we’re doing about it. Do you feel that they crossed the line far too much when they brought up this topic? Let us know in the comments.

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