Pakistanis, These Are The People You Googled The Most In 2020

By Sarmad Amer | 11 Dec, 2020

Most Googled people of Pakistan 2020, ladies and gentlemen

At the end of every year, Google releases a list of trends for the whole world. It gives an interesting glimpse into what every country searched for the most in the whole year. It also helps you walk down memory lane of the year past. For this year, given that so much happened, the Google Trends offer a very interesting look at what mattered the most for people around the world, and Pakistanis.

So Pakistani, without further ado, these are the people you googled the most in 2020 (in reverse order):


10. Starting off the list of most Googled people in Pakistan for 2020 is actress Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan is one of the most beloved TV actresses in Pakistan. However, she made the list of top Googled people because of her recent wedding to singer Falak Shabir (who also makes an appearance on this list).

Source: @sarahkhanofficial / Instagram


9.  Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç also became one of the most Googled people in Pakistan 2020

Because of her character Halime Sultan in the wildly popular Turkish show Diriliş: Ertuğrul, which was aired on Pakistani state TV, Esra became the heartthrob of the nation. She was loved for a character that appeared staunchly conservative in her dressing but shocked Pakistani fans with her modern, much liberated choice of clothing outside the character.

Source: @esrabilgic / Instagram


8. Asim Azhar takes the number eight spot among the most Googled people in Pakistan 2020 for his personal life

While Asim created waves by getting Pakistani TikTok star Areeka Haq to star in his new music video for his song Tum Tum. It’s sad that the song turned out to be a little crappy in its portrayal of women, though.

Anyway, Asim made this list not because of this song but because of the massive trolling he received after breaking up with Hania Aamir. The two remained supportive of each other, publicly at least, during this period.

Source: @asimazhar / Instagram


7. Falak Shabir

Sarah Khan’s husband, singer Falak Shabir went from niche fandom to international fame by marrying Pakistan’s sweetheart.

Source: @falakshabir1 / Instagram


6. Minahil Malik

In a year when TikTok went mainstream, catapulting TikTok stars to national notoriety, Minahil Malik is surprisingly the only one among Pakistan’s famous TikTokers to make it to the list of most Googled people in Pakistan. She gained this status for a sad reason though. She became of the first in a long list of TikTok stars who followed her, to have her nudes leaked online.

The TikTok community showed much more integrity than the rest of Pakistani internet, however, because they stood in strong support for Minahil, helping her overcome the trauma of seeing her privacy invaded and displayed for the world at large.

Source: @minahilmalik727 / Instagram


5. Hareem Shah

The ever notorious social media, and eventual TikTok star, Hareem Shah also makes the list. While she was rumored to have her own set of leaked nudes, the reasons for her making this list are varied. She remained in the limelight with her various antics through the year.

Source: @hareem.shah_official_account / Instagram


4. Alizeh Shah

Actress Alizeh Shah just made the list of most Googled people in Pakistan for the second year in a row. Last year was her breakthrough year when she gained national fame after her debut, this year she gained notoriety for her personal life. Alizeh is also rumored to have her nudes leaked as well as having allegedly broken up with her boyfriend, fellow actor Noman Sami, along with becoming one of the first famous Pakistani celebrities to have contracted COVID-19 as the pandemic started to ravage Pakistan.

Source: @alizehshahofficial / Instagram


3. Joe Biden

The newly elected President of the US, Joe Biden, beat the infamous outgoing President Donald Trump. Some sections of the society hope that his election would restore normalcy to world politics while some in Pakistan fear that he would probably restart the drone strikes done during the Obama-era, while Mr. Biden was the Vice President, that targeted innocent lives in the north west of Pakistan.


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2. Uzma Khan

Actress Uzma Khan became national news when a video of her being slapped and ridiculed by a woman, and her goons, was leaked online. It was later revealed that the woman was the wife of a man who was alleged to be having an extra-marital relationship with Uzma. The woman was also, allegedly, a relative of real estate tycoon Malik Riaz.

After controversy, video statements and a court case, Uzma Khan took back her FIR against the woman for ransacking her home and beating her. She also apologized for mistaking her to be the relative of Malik Riaz. It is rumored that Uzma and the other party settled out of court.

Source: @uzmakhannofficial / Instagram


1. Taking the top spot as one of the most Googled people of Pakistan in 2020 is Marvi Sirmed

Source: @marvisirmed / Instagram

Journalist and rights activist Marvi Sirmed, spelled (incorrectly) as “Sarmad” in the Google searches that people did to look her up has become the most searched person in the country. The reason for this is because while she is a controversial figure, particularly hated by the conservative elite and those in power, she became the center of the country’s attention back in March. While as a panelist on a show regarding Aurat March and the controversy around it, she got into a major war of words with renowned misogynist Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar. Both of them exchanged harsh words and Mr. Qamar even went as far as abusing her. This catapulted Ms. Sirmed to national fame because while she was ridiculed by misogynists and incels everywhere, she became the face of women’s issues and helped bring the debate around Aurat March and women’s rights from the aggressive corners of Pakistani internet to national television and everyone’s drawing rooms.


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