Senator Rehman Malik Thought Joe Biden Is Bush And The Resulting Memes Were AMAZING

By Sarah Shaukat | 15 Nov, 2020

Senator Rehman Malik recently congratulated the US President-elect Joe Biden through his Twitter handle. His tweet caught people’s attention and has become the most recent laughing stock for desi Twitter. The Pakistan People’s Party member meant well. However, he made a hilarious blunder in his tweet.

You see, Rehman Malik congratulated Biden, but confused him with former US President George W Bush

Via Twitter

In his tweet, he wrote,

Joe Biden has worked with three democrats presidents and hopes they will support him to get the USA out of the self-created crises. Afghan issue, Syrian crises, and row with China must come to end. I hope the Democrats will support the oppressed Kashmiris to get out of curfew”.

BUT…the text was followed by this picture:

Via: Twitter

His message in the tweet seems to be well thought out but the picture Rehman Malik attached with this tweet was not with Joe Biden. After realizing his mistake, he deleted his tweet but people catch on fast. The tweet may be gone but Twitteratis are doing what they do best. The memes and jokes are flooding in.

First up, here is Rehman Malik meeting a bunch of famous folks. Like “Kanye West”


Rehman Malik planning his space adventure with Elon Musk

Here he is, taking tips from J.K Rowling for writing the greatest Pakistani novel.

Just chilling with Sidhu 

First President-elect and now VP elect. Wah wah

Rehman Malik from the archives

Playing Chinese whispers

Here he is again, hanging out with Pitbull

Altaf Bhai stealing the spotlight!

Here are all the memes without the Senator though

Someone has a better picture suggestion for him

Basically, people do not let mistakes go. Sometimes, you’re meant to become a meme.



Especially if you’re Rehman Malik

The tweet may be deleted, but Malik’s carlessness has left netizens in fits.


What are your thoughts on the matter? Share in the comments below.


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Cover image via and Twitter/@SenRehmanMalik

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