Bechara Asim Azhar Is Getting Savagely Trolled By Pakistanis After Hania Aamir Friendzoned Him

By Noor | 13 Jul, 2020

Bechara Asim Azhar is getting trolled after Hania Aamir ki announcement

Hania Aamir, while making some interesting revelations about her bond with Asim Azhar, announced that they both are ‘just friends’, recently. Obviously, the internet could not handle this brutal act of friendzoning and this statement ended up being the perfect meme-fodder for many on social media.

As soon as Hania made her announcement, it became one of the top trends in the country. So we’ve compiled some of the most savage memes, for you:


People have been feeling for Asim Azhar as soon as Hania Aamir made her announcement about the status of their relationship

Barring BTS, Asim Azhar and Hania Aamir have been top trends on Pakistani social media for the whole day Just goes to show how much fans have been invested in the relationship of the two.


People have been joking, particularly hinting at Asim Azhar’s song, and saying iss ka bhi kat gaya

While the song is misogynistic and stereotypes women as gold diggers, people are using one particular screenshot from it to troll back Asim.


They’ve mentioned Asim’s recent song, Tum Tumand stated how this song was prescient

They shared the screenshots from Asim’s recent song and commented, ” Asim ka bhe kat gaya.”


Yet again, one has to give it to Pakistani kids for producing some incredibly funny stuff and displaying yet another time how superior their meme skills are


A few went on to even drag TikTok star Areeka Haq into the ongoing friendzone debate


A lot of people also referenced Hania’s drama to allege that Asim was yet another “conquest” of hers

We, at MangoBaaz, have spoken about how dramas like this that portray women in a negative light, in a society that already slut-shames them, are dangerous. Sadly, Hania has fallen in a trap of her own making by endorsing such a portrayal and now being labeled for it.


A few even recalled incidents where Asim talked about how important Hania was in his life

They all couldn’t decide if they should be happy or feel sad about this new development in their relationship.

And, that’s all folks! What do you think about Asim Azhar being friendzoned? Let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you have some more funny memes then drop them in the comments or slide into our DMs.


People Can’t Stop Trolling The 13 Second Appearance Of Hania Amir In Asim Azhar’s New Song


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