Hania Amir's New Drama Is About A TikTok Star But Some People Think It's Actually Really Problematic

By Maryam Khalid | 5 Mar, 2020

Hania Amir’s new drama is about a TikTok star

Pakistani dramas have been trying to tread newer territories recently. While this change from the usual romantic drama stories is welcome, the fact that the lens adopted to tell these newer stories has been really problematic is concerning. From glorifying workplace harassment to vilifying female characters, and then to portraying women to be faking domestic violence we’re seeing it all.


In yet another example of a Pakistani drama causing concern, Hania Amir’s new drama has raised eyebrows

Starring Hania Amir, Mohib Mirza, Shehroze Sabzwari, Nabeel Zuberi among others, the teaser of Dil Ruba just dropped. In the teaser, we see Hania Amir playing a bubbly character, Sanam, who is shown to be a TikTok star who is keeping multiple different men as suitors and when questioned about it, she stubbornly says, ”dil lagi ker rahi hun dil lagi.

What’s concerning is that in a society where women are particularly discussing issues with regards to exploitation and negativity they face, the fact that the protagonist is basically a ”playgirl” has started a debate.


This teaser has upset quite a few people


People are offended at the portrayal of the woman in this drama thereby perpetuating common stereotypes that are used to target women who are outgoing and active in the public space

Source: HUM Dramas / YouTube
Source: All Pakistan Drama Page / Facebook


People also questioned that the drama is particularly portraying a negative image of TikTok stars

Because apparently Hania Amir feels entitled to all the ”attention” as she is a TikTok star, people think this is also further perpetuating negative image of TikTokers.

Source: All Pakistan Drama Page / Facebook


Many are demanding strong female representation in Pakistani dramas instead of women  being shown desperate only for men as the biggest issue in their lives

Source: HUM Dramas / YouTube
Source: HUM Dramas / YouTube
Source: HUM Dramas / YouTube


Others expressed their concern over how such a portrayal will influence young minds

Source: HUM Dramas / YouTube
Source: HUM Dramas / YouTube
Source: All Pakistan Drama Page / Facebook

The reason such portrayals are problematic is because one can imagine the number of people who don’t let girls in their family to keep mobile phones which have become a necessity today, due to such misrepresentation. There are women conquering worlds, and Pakistani dramas are focusing on a small subset of the population to demean an entire gender. Maybe it’s time to realize that the audience has struggles that are more than just about finding the right guy.

So what do you think of the teaser of Hania’s new drama, do you find it problematic? Rant below.



Cover image via HUM Dramas / YouTube

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