Pakistani Internet Has LITERALLY Lost It After Hania Aamir Revealed That She & Asim Azhar Are Not Dating

By Anoosha Rehan | 13 Jul, 2020

Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar are NOT dating?

Have we all been taken for a ride by Hania and Asim or did they just breakup? We have so many questions about this recent development and only the two can answer that.


Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar may not have said they’re dating but they’ve been known as a power couple for quite a while now

Although they have never publicly ‘confessed’ to being in a relationship, they have also never denied the rumors of them being together. The special birthday celebrations, the out of country vacations and the tharki insta-flirting had a different story to narrate. Quite recently, Hania Aamir also made an appearance in Asim Azhar’s new music video. Honestly, this new development has come as quite the pile of bricks.

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In a recent Instagram live with Aima Baig, Hania Aamir said that she and Asim Azhar were not dating and that they were just friends

In response to a comment on the live session, Hania Aamir dismissed the idea of Asim and her being “together, dating, or being a couple.” To this, even Aima Baig was taken aback and responded by saying, “Ye toh mujhay bhee nahin pata tha.”

The actress further shared that they are great friends and are always there for each other. She mentioned how she is also looking forward to taking help from Asim for her upcoming song. However, she further went on to clarify that she is not dating anyone currently.


The news of Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar not dating has obviously taken everyone by surprise


After Hania Aamir revealed that she and Asim Azhar weren’t dating we couldn’t help but take. trip down memory lane when Asim spoke up about his Hania’s relationship


Goes without saying, people expressed their utmost shock through memes – the language that millenials and zoomers know best


People are feeling the feels for Asim Azhar


And also trolling him




I mean.. 🙂


Some were quick to want Asim to move on tho


And of course, there are those who are prescient

From the looks of it, this confession by Hania isn’t sitting well with the fans and it is going to take a while for everyone to accept the hard truth. People are also suspecting that the two might have split up and then decided to remain friends.

What do you think of this entire situation? Let us know in the comments below.


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