People Can't Stop Trolling The 13 Second Appearance Of Hania Amir In Asim Azhar's New Song

By Sarmad Amer | 3 Jul, 2020

Hania Amir making an appearance in the Asim Azhar song has triggered the meme makers

By now, more than one and half million people have seen the new Asim Azhar song. Quite a few have shared their disappointment with the storyline of the song being rather problematic. One interesting aspect, that almost everyone agrees is, that the song is visually stunning with talented people making appearances in almost every single frame.


Among so many talented people, Hania Amir is another name who who makes her appearance in the new Asim Azhar song, at 5:38 minute mark in the video, almost toward the end

Source: Asim Azhar / YouTube

Hania’s appearance comes at a point where the song has for the past five and a half minutes perpetuated the idea that women are gold diggers who will swindle every guy they meet (five in this song, to be exact). Hania is shown to, and I’m assuming here, try and “balance” this by showing that guys are superficial hopeless romantics. Sadly, this does nothing to show guys or girls in any better a light. The song is just reinforcing dangerous perceptions about interaction between men and women.


Of course, people were quick to notice the very small cameo made by Hania Amir in the new Asim Azhar song and they had quite a few things to say about it

While some questioned her role in the song

Others had answers for it


Many tried to find the humor in comparisons to the very sexist objectification that Hania’s seen portrayed


People even had comparisons for the role Hania Amir played in the Asim Azhar song to their own lives’ situations


Basically, the consensus about her role in the music video was this


There’s also an interesting conspiracy theory that the music video is basically a 6 minute summary of Hania’s own drama ‘Dil Ruba‘ where Hania’s playing the role of a TikTok star, swindling… get ready for this… five guys


Now whether there’s any truth to these rumors or not, we shall see.


Other people have also taken it upon themselves to replace Hania Amir from the Asim Azhar song with other famous folks


Some are going as far as comparing this song with the infamous Ko Ko Korina

Yeh waise kuch ziada hogaya, itna bhi bura nahi tha yeh song.


Others are imagining the reaction Hania Amir and Asim Azhar might have to all these reactions to the song

Well, whatever the talent on the song might think, the public has spoken. Yes, the song is visually stunning, great technical stuff but the kind of story that it portrays is archaic at best, and dangerous at worst. Here’s hoping that our media can take on the responsibility of using art to actually enable people to learn important life lessons through their entertainment.

What are your thoughts about the song and Hania’s 13-second appearance? Sound off in the comments below.


Cover image via: Asim Azhar / YouTube

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