PIA Pilot Shumaila Mazhar Just Clapped Back At Rumors That She's The Sister Of “Fake” Pilot Maryam Masood

By Noor | 3 Jul, 2020

PIA pilot Shumaila Mazhar slammed rumors about her and Maryam Masood being sisters

Recent revelations by the Aviation Minister and the controversy of fake licenses of Pakistani pilots has negatively impacted the dignity associated with the profession. The license scandal has affected a large number of pilots as several airlines in Pakistan stepped forward and started to cancel the license of many pilots.


Among those with rumored fake licenses were some famous names like the viral PIA sisters who had become recently famous for being the first female sister pilots to fly an aircraft together

After news that the two sisters, Maryam Masood and Erum Masood, were also allegedly in the list of pilots with fake licenses, a picture captioned as ‘famous pilot sisters’ began circulating within many social media posts.

Unfortuantely, the photo is not of the two sisters but of Maryam Masood and a colleague of hers, who has now spoken up.


PIA pilot Shumaila Mazhar, who was photographed alongside Captain Maryam Masood spoke up against rumors wrongly attributing her as the other sister

She explained that she and captain Maryam are not sisters and she is being wrongly targeted. She said that Captain Maryam has been her captain on a flight and there’s nothing more to it. She also clarified that her name is not included in any of the lists that reveal the names of the fake license holders. She also mentioned that she has been subjected to severe mental trauma because of the false news and she really wasn’t able to deal with the hate.


PIA pilot Shumaila Mazhar stated that her name is not included in the list, that allegedly includes Maryam Masood, of fake license holders

Shumaila said that she wasn’t being investigated for this controversy and she also mentioned that before commenting on a rumor, people should verify it from the sources and should keep the feelings of that person or their family into consideration.

Shumaila said that her character was assassinated without proof and she has been held accountable by the public who did not even bother to verify the news. She further prayed that she gets justice.


A lot of people felt sorry for the PIA pilot Shumaila Mazhar being clubbed with Maryam Masood and others

They said that it is unfortunate to see some wonderful employees being awfully treated for some ‘political’ reasons.


People highlighted the irresponsible attitude of the media channels and the ones who didn’t bother to verify that PIA pilot Shumaila Mazhar wasn’t the sister of Captain Maryam Masood


They even advised PIA pilot Shumaila Mazhar to issue an official statement to ensure that she’s not wrongly labeled as sister of Maryam Masood anymore and mainstream platforms can correct their information


A fraction of people argued that Shumaila should have spoken up when they were being lauded the first time around, having been mislabeled then on social media too, as sisters


Shumaila Mazhar has clarified that the picture is from the flight to Gilgit and it went viral because  PIA appointed all-women crew for such a technical flight

So, what are your thoughts about the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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